The Strongest Cheat Player
Alt name(s):
  • Player Max
  • Zui Qiang Kai Gua Wanjia
  • Сильнейший Игрок
  • 最强开挂玩家
  • 7.03
  • 6.64
  • 141
Pub. status:
  • 59,031
  • 3,586
  • 15
Because of a cheat a young man named Hao Qi crossed over into a game world called the “Land of Heroes”. Although he crossed over, the “cheat” still remained. Thus, he started on a triumphant and glorious journey in this magical martial arts cultivation world to fight monsters and increase his level. Bringing along with him his brother's dream and his unrivaled martial arts group, he embarked on a journey across the world… (Authorized adaptation of the light novel “Land of Heroes”).
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Let me guess, MC gets/starts with OP powers relative to everyone else, quickly obtains a 10/10 love interest which expands into a harem, all the girls remain madly in love with the MC forever even though he shows zero interest in them, all the villains are badly written and kick puppies for fun and every arc is the MC basically making girls wet as more and more girls throw themselves at him.

How close am I?
ok. . .
He's cheating and he's strong
‘Twas naught but a joke, good sir.

Is there anything in particular in the TL that you are referring to? Or is this a general rant for your dissatisfaction with the series?

If it's the former and you point it out I could try to fix it. If it's the latter there's nothing much I can do.

As for the title, the manhua author changed it from the original. Also, the title of the novel can't be machine translated because machine translators can't even translate it. They leave it as pinyin.
How do you get “Strongest Cheat Player” from the original name, “Land of Heroes?” Feels like the title got ran through google translate a couple hundred times.

The plot and character writing, on the other hand, was ran through translate at least a thousand times and evolved into this twisted amalgamation/abysmal abomination we have before us today, people.
tragedy tag?
The title invokes a sense of suspense and wonder as we can't help but look forward to the metaphor being fully unveiled.

On par with other great titles such as I'll xxx Inside My Little Sister, and Her Friends, Too and I Have Too Much xxx I Can't Stop xxxxing Inside Your xxxxx. Let us not forget What Happens If I xxxxxxxx My Kuroneko Into Shironeko.
@Lusario rip im a idiot didnt notice it lmao thanks for pointing it out for me(Also by any chance do u know if the novel has or is being translated? if so do u know where i can read those translations? if not thanks anyway).
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@Donshotz As is stated in the description it's called "Land of Heroes" (侠行天下).
Anybody knows if this has a novel? If so whats it called?
Let the carnage begin
Welp im depressed now.
Art is nice, story is bad.

Author is clearly being shameless about it too.
Tbh seems more like a comedy with elements of action and adventure
So china starts their attempt at milking isekai
This doesn't make sense from the start
The manhua is quite good. A very good job at redrawing and translating and other stuffs. Very smooth. Although I would just like faster releases because I personally think quantity>quality.
The Worst Lazy Title
@es_kan Could of been worse. Imagine a title "Chinese ripoff of every possible isekai cliche". Talk about truth in advertising.
I've never seen a manga with such an uninspired title.