By Spring
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  • Pada Musim Semi
  • К весне
  • バイ・スプリング
  • 바이 스프링
  • 7.34
  • 7.20
  • 300
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  • 156,408
  • 7,772
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Souta, a penniless, phoneless, destitute middle schooler, met a high school girl with a stray cat underneath a bridge...
The girl laughed at his minuscule remaining change, and made a surprising proposal with "For this 24 yen of yours, I'll let you buy me," and then...!?

Portuguese / Português:
Souta, um estudante do ensino médio sem dinheiro, sem telefone e carente, conheceu uma garota do ensino médio com um gato de rua debaixo de uma ponte... A garota riu de toda a pobreza dele e fez uma proposta surpreendente a ele: "Por esses 24 ienes, deixarei você me comprar". O que Souta fará depois disso...?!

Russian / Русский:
Находящийся на грани бедности среднеклассник по имени Сота встретил старшеклассницу под мостом... Девушка, которая, по слухам, промышляет проституцией, лишь посмеялась с того, что он такой нищий. За 24 иены она погладила его по голове. Отсюда и начинается их запретная «проституция за копейки»...
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Actually looks a innocent story that might with depressive undertones. It really is kind of good.
It's really depressing but I wanna know how the story ends
I don't understand his mom wtf
@justforthelulz there wasn't, but I did mention a month ago on why this didn't have the smut tag.
Am I imagining things, or did this always have the [SMUT] tag?
one spring, more like one edgy author

this manga is so full of shitty people that his supposedly "realistic setting" feel odd and completely anticlimatic, its just a biaised manga with the classic herbivore socially ankward japanese MC and the prostitution themes that weebs like so much and think that its instantly a masterpiece once there is this theme in any manga,get your standard revised please, its just so annoying i slept 3 times through the chapters
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I hope this manga continues to be scantalated quickly. It's oddly enticing.
@Kojiro_Haise_Sasaki @WhisCalifa69 hahaha yeah someone had stolen the chapter. As of now I have not redone ch 10 but the dialogue is all ok, the main issue is aesthetics but you can go ahead and read it with no prob
Go ahead. It's just some QC issues afaik, but it doesn't have translation errors afaik. @Guitarlegend will explain you better what happened with that chapter.
So is Chapter. 10 still gonna get reuploaded or should I just go ahead and read it?
this guy is going to develop gynophobia after all this.
@WhisCalifa69 That makes sense, thanks for the info!
Her dad is giving weird vibes man
@DanTheMan6383 people thought this manga is NTR or a darker and edgier Domestic na Kanojo ripoff and dropped it due to that. Also the overall premise, although simple (a teenage love story that started with 24 yen, something more fitting for a shonen magazine instead of a seinen one) and prone to recieve negative reception, the world building and the subtle references to the merciless and appearance/status driven late showa & heisei generation japanese society make it hard to swallow.

Latinos and hispanics are receiving it better. In tumangaonline it's one of the few manga that's gettin a 10/10 rating as of the latest translated chapter (the 9th).
Why is the rating so low? This is getting really good.
I've never been so emotionally invested in a Manga before if only I discovered a year later
@whiscalifa69 i'm afraid it will be depressing , but i will give it another chance
-Yo no soy del todo pobre,
Tengo juventud.
Mañana tendré dinero,
Tu amor compraré,
Y te despreciaré.


Reading this manga while listening andean retro folk music or sad rock/power ballads really sets up the atmosphere. As somebody said below, this manga is gold, however it's not suitable for people without reading comprehension nor guts to continue after chapter 2.
No money, no honey
@Hyebin. Real shit starts from Ch. 13 onwards. Just be patient and read it again to understand what the hell's going on.

PD: imma readin the raws.