Dear, Only You Don't Know!
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  • Cuma Kamu Aja Yang Nggak Tahu!
  • Darling
  • Dear Only You Don’t Know
  • Sayang
  • Дорогой, только ты не знаешь!
  • عزيزي ،أنت فقط لا تعرف
  • 당신만 몰라!
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  • 8.28
  • 88
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  • 63,922
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Everyone knows women are tricky beings, with layers upon layers of secrets they hide, but there are some secrets women must risk everything in order to keep hidden! These women with such hidden secrets are being revealed in the series, "Dear, Only You Don't Know!"
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I'm not sure wether anyone will ever pick this up again, but the entire webcomic seems to be available for free on the Indonesian Webtoon website (but in Indonesian of course).
Read this a long time ago and if somebody knows where to find raws, please post it here. The naver one is locked behind a paywall. Thank you
Man i was looking for this for ages i gave up but i see it's getting updates. Keep up the good work guys.
This webtoon has a lot of interesting characters, and I really like how all of their individual stories get interconnected and weaved together (talk about small world!). However.... I am having difficulty remembering things so I'll need to give it a reread now that it's updating again.

Also, I like all of the characters and can sympathize with most of them despite/because of their flaws. The secrets of the FCs vary wildly, providing an equally wide range of stories to be told, which makes it pretty fun to read. But.... that middle school girl in love with the single dad.... ..... pls... leave the guy alone.... he doesn't want the cops to come after him......... (sadly she's one character I extremely do not care for).

Anyway, thank you to EG Scans for picking this up again! Looking forward to the updates 😁
No it...alive?
I remember read this long time and getting hooked in it. But I slowly forgot it because the long hiatus from the translator.

I guess I will re-read it from the earliest chapter.
The main downside of this type of series is that for every route, it's going to take extremely long for the reader to get closure.
Unlike normal shoujos, Its 5 time the pain along with 5 times the wait....
Is it possible to add chapter names alongside their number for the older chapters? I'm honestly not interested in half of the stories and it feels so stretched out...If only there was a compendium or something
I think one of the strong points of this series is that all the characters all have flaws in their viewpoints and in many conflicts neither side is always objectively right, but you can understand where they’re coming from. It really highlights how feelings and personal relationships aren’t a zero sum game.

That said, as cool as the Golden Dragon boss lady is, I’d like to see the premise of her lying about her whole entire identity to her husband get challenged.
I teared up reading the backstory of professor and his gangster wife
@Corb I'm pretty fond of this series myself. If you like it half as much as I ended up liking it, you'll probably have a pretty good time.
Thanks for the message! Now I can start this.
@Corb It's back now, apparently.
Rereading this all over again and it's just as good as I remembered it, I'm so happy to see this updated, thanks! :D

Like, all of them.
I kind of wish somebody would've picked this as one of their English translation projects by now for Webtoon. They have it in some other language(s) from the look of things (I found the Indonesian version in Google), completed and everything. But Easy Going Scans are still working on this I think at least, they just don't want their stuff on here anymore.
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Damn this webtoon turns me into an ojicon
My two favorites are the retired drummer and the divorced professor 😍
What missing chapters >,<
Hopefully we get the missing chapters soon because I don't remember what was going on at all
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