Boku wa Mari no Naka
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  • I'm in Mari
  • Inside Mari
  • Я теперь Мари
  • ぼくは麻理のなか
  • 我在麻理体内
  • 我在麻理體內
  • 我被睡成了妹
  • 나는 마리 안에
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  • 8.01
  • 580
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  • 129,330
  • 6,707
  • 335
The manga follows an "angelic" beautiful high school girl with a certain secret she has been hiding from everyone, and an idle young male hikikomori (one who abnormally avoids social contact); the highlight of his day is seeing Mari at the convenience store. The story begins as Mari wakes up in her room, but something feels amiss about the room and even her own body.

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  • Volume 0/9
  • Chapter 0/80

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After reading the whole thing on another site, I loved this a lot. My one big caveat is that the epilogue feels wrong for the story, like something imposed over what was intended. Just skip the last chapter imo. Up to that point though, this is a great story about dysphoria, disassociation, and the desire to be something else.
@Blue-Plum after finishing the story I wouldn't call it yuri. It might have yuri elements but ultimately this manga is a deconstruction of the body-swap genre. If you're going in expecting yuri to be its primary focus you'll be disappointed. This is a psychological mystery first and foremost. If you enjoy those I think it is worth a read.
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It's almost good. A bit too... bleh. Also, pointless nudity. Some good ideas. Execution is lacking.
oh thanks for the tips, @Karoku. hopefully, they exist in dynasty...

i mean, this considered Yuri right?
Broo i read the full thing and those last 10 chapters made me teary bro fr
@Blue-Plum You'll find the manga fully TLd on other sites. Just look em up.
so... is this not completed yet, or this'll just be left as is?

i mean, where can i read the other Chapters?
pretty good, latter half got a little too metaphysical for my liking.
I enjoy Oshimi’s other work and also this one, albeit less. I feel like some parts of the story just didn’t really hit as it should’ve and while I did enjoy Mari’s character I felt that something was missing. Overall a nice read but imo one of Oshimi’s weaker stories... 7.5/10

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10/10 twist
For once I actually found myself enjoying Oshimi's work without any strings attached - if this is his true potential then I guess there's still hope yet for Welcome Home Alice...heck, even Trail of Blood may have a worthwhile twist or two left up its sleeve
Interesting twist on the 'bodyswap / gender-bender' trope which is usually played for laughs.
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Wow, this was an amazing read.

Thanks for the spoilers. The series seems interesting but there are elements that you mentioned that I find quite off-putting, so I'd be skipping this.
I remembered reading this.
@Bee-Haw The yuri is more or less true.

Putting that aside it's a good reading, heavy at some times but good.
The rest of the manga can be read on other aggregate sites. Interesting story even if I was spoiled the twist from here.
So uh, this is really yuri?
To put it simply, in my opinion, this manga is about how people with multiple personality disorder exist. so fitting to its psychological tag. Clever story telling i would say. Exceptional work as always Oshimi Shuzo sensei!
Aaaahhh I missed reading this manga. I forgot how the story goes though..... I might re-read this again eventhough I'm not the type of person who really re-read. xD