A Black Company's Employee Became a Cat, a Life-changing Story.
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  • 黑心企业的职员变成猫之后人生有了转变的故事
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A manga that depicts the life-changing story of the employees working in a heartless corporation after they've all turned into...cats? o_O
Nya-lyfe is really full of ups and downs, and it's impossible to prepare for it nya? Well, this is my story...
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dis is good
@Suzuran thank you for such detailed answer! I'm relieved after your words that it's a normal behaviour not requiring special retraining. But yes, his bites are a bit hurtful. I will implement your advice immediately!
@ciurrb: Depends on how "bitey". Kittens are *very* active and mock-fighting is a large part of how they play and learn. It is entirely normal for the cat to *softly* bite, and this does not lead to biting behavior later in life. By softly, I mean just grasping/holding on using their mouth since they do not have opposable thumbs to grasp/hold with. If the cat is biting hard enough that it hurts, complain loudly about it and stop the cat from biting. Just remove your hand/other extremity from the cat's mouth and push the cat away. Be as forceful as necessary in doing so, but don't overdo it - The idea is that kitty learns where the limit is, but doesn't become scared of you over-reacting. If kitty gets more insistent on biting hard, get more forceful in your prevention. You can also try getting toys/other distractions to keep kitty busy so it spends less time seeking your attention. If things escalate such that you feel the force required to correct hard biting is excessive, talk to a professional.
I'm cured
Are there really gonna be other big cats later on? It seems more like it's just Mofuta.
what else can i say. i already rated it as a masterpiece
this is a national treasure.
If I hadn't a kitten I would be dying now from urge to have one. But the kitteni took in recently is so bity I'm starting questioning if I really like cats that much. How to train a biting kitten? Bf says it's bad to slap them, he just let the kitten bite him, but I think the kitten will just grown into a biting adult cat and it would be too late to make him behave. The other cats I owned weren't so bity.
Pretty interesting concept for a manga