Mimi Mix!
Alt name(s):
  • みみみっくす!
  • 8.35
  • 8.41
  • 340
Pub. status:
  • 67,922
  • 3,265
  • 20
This is a story that takes place in a future not so far from now, in a world where animal ears have become a huge part of fashion.
Brand new high school student, Midorino Nono finally convinced her parents to let her wear the animal ears she always dreamed of having.
However, as soon as she puts on her bunny ears, the libido of a rabbit overtakes her and her sexual desire goes crazy!
This is the start of Nono's messy animal ears life.
Reading progress:
  • Volume 0/3
  • Chapter 0/17.5

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Moe-art + yuri + comedy + slightly sexy = This is the yuri manga that every yuri fans deserve!
What a cute ending.
That MAL 20 chapters confused me, but I guess they counted omake as 3 chapters more
I'm hoping for more softcore yuri fetish porn from this author in the future.
Thank you for your hard work, Zori.
Thanks for this fluffy wacky series.

It was a wild ride.
Because of the way MD lists new chapters on the home page, I read the epilogue before chapter 17. Was pretty confused.
Solid ending for how quickly it came, but I feel like it needed a lot more time to develop. It's weird for characters to do sudden swings like that, even if there are dramatic events pushing it or whatever.

I can only dream of a world where Mimi Mix is two hundred chapters long, and generic power fantasy isekai always get axed at five.
I can only imagine that this world is filled with animals with no ears....
Other than that mildly disturbing thought (elephants without ears) it was a good read.
Changing my rating from 7 to 6 and honestly it's only because of Mikan/Chika that i stay above 5. Neon is at best tolerable as a character. If you exclude Chapter 11 and 12, all the rest of the chapter she make you wonder who put such a mean character in the manga. She is mean to everyone that not called Mikan and is never nice on purpose, really just reread the manga and tell me when she is nice to another character without Mikan's intervention. Even her relation with Nono manage to be failed nicely. Chapter 11 and 12 was suposs to be the turning point for Nono/Neon relation as but after that did the relation really change ? Well no it's the same dynamic as before and make you wonder if what happen in those chapters was Nono's delusions and nothing never happen as you will expected them to be a little lovey dovey but they still act as the same.
Never seen a premise so quickly ditched. After the 1st volume who were mostly on Nono and her wanting to have matching ears and problemsit occurs. Vol.2 and 3 make you ask where that premise go, Nono is relegated most of the time as background characters and jokes with 2 exceptions (11&12) maybe because the editor remind the author of the starting point and maybe get the focus on it. Honestly, if the story was about Mikan and the ears shops with new girls and new ears problems each chapter i will had understand but here you put a MC and a love interest and they have barely screen time after Vol.1,they're just here for the jokes.
@gomennasai90 I did notice that other manga and was thinking about doing it too if nobody else picks it up. It is still being published though and I don't know how to get the raws as they come out since I usually just wait for volume releases and buy them. There is one volume out so far so I could at least do that one.

Could you please consider scanlating this manga next? I love this artist's artwork.
Some good news at least
@Lilliwyt I can at least tell you that chapter 11 and 12 will be all about Nono and Neon's relationship.
Sooooooo when does the story come back to Nono's ears problems. So far Volume 2 is just about Ecchi situation caused by ears for others girls, make you wonder if Nono problem was unique. Speaking of Nono's problems, we don't have any news on that because the author prefer to have ecchi situations.
You say Nononono and I saw Yesyesyesyes
This author could draw a story about post-apocalyptic cage matches to the death in a mutant rat and cockroach infested sewer... and it would still be overwhelmingly cute.
Thank you thank you so much! Always wanted to read this! ?
The obligatory creepy question now is... where do they get those ears from?