Full Marks, Hidden Marriage
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  • Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up a Son, Get a Free Husband
  • Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up a Son, Get a Free Husband (Da Xing Dao Dong Man)
  • Hidden Marriage
  • Hidden marriage 100 points
  • Hidden marriage 100 points: provoke a wife to marry one get one free
  • HM
  • 隐婚100分:惹火娇妻嫁一送一
  • 6.91
  • 6.27
  • 110
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  • 86,335
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Her boyfriend was taken from her, her parents were ashamed of her and she was exiled abroad without consent! Everyone thought she was abandoned and only she could fend for herself... After five years, Ning Xi returns to fulfil her childhood dream of becoming a famous actress. However, her sister is still out to sabotage her every chance she gets! What schemes will she have to avoid?
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I am so lost here
Ning Xi is the switched at birth biological daughter?
Ning Xue Luo is what at this point?
A;l I have is they hate each other
I remember reading this but was sure the art isn’t like this?
Might not hurt reading it.
Well, not bad... but i think the first version was better. I was really frustrated when i found out that first version was cancelled. Then i found the original novel and now i'm just curious how will they adapt the whole story and how much time it will take.
The art is so weird... why did they restart this manhwa instead of continuing the original one with black/brown hair that followed the original storyline in the novel?

This changed the story entirely and made the art/story so unrealistically flashy...
I think she should marry this ml real quick. Because she has no power, and is easily bullied. Although she's not weak. But still it's still good to have a strong backing
Cripple the ex boyfriend, and hire someone to rape that fake bitch and film it. Then expose that hypothetical family. These are things that should be done.
I seriously can't understand how the adopted sister and her boyfriend be so selfish and egocentric to actually think that she would forgive them. She set her up to get raped and she got pregnant afterwards, causing her to be hated by her parents. Then she tried to ruin her career. Not mention that mc's ex boyfriend cheated on her with her sister and knows she got the MC raped. Even refuses to testify.
They even have the nerve to think there the victim. Do they have a moral compass at all?
They may have surpassed Griffith and Johan as most evil characters in fiction. At least you understand why Griffith and Johan became that evil.
I just wanna say, seriously, Thicc Ass Scans, u rock! 😍 my whole main page is filled with ur updates! U guys work so hard! (Not to say others don’t! I know it’s a lot of work n i appreciate everyone!) but I wanted to say thanks 😊 u guys r laying it down thicc with all those updates ❤️
seriously that dumbass need to get hit by truck-kun and get reincarnate as a goldfish.
Thank you for translating! It's interesting to see a novel I've read made into different renditions of the original work! Always a pleasure to see the smol bun little treasure ♥️♥️😍
Thank u soo much for translating this ❤️ I love it 😍 Little Treasure is the cutest dumpling ever!
So what happened to the old version? Why did they make a new one instead of finishing the old.. I don't mind 2 versions but.. it seems like they dropped the old?
This Lu Tingxiao is ruining my Tingxiao. I loved LTX because he do things cleanly and silently. Straight forward with less word.
They had a perfectly good manhua and they swapped it to this, I mean usually the situation is reverse first manga is too liberal gets hated new manga follows story, I can't even read this.
Yeah the characters are more aggressive.
So dangerous..
I just wondering they y’all change it so much
This story is a lot different from the other one

I kinda too..

Its like my trump card are hidden but in glass box... Everyone can see and it cant be my last surprise again. Too much spoiler in early chapter..

But I quite like the character design so far... NX usually girly as double body on call for that person.
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