Shijou Saikyou Orc-san no Tanoshii Tanetsuke Harem Zukuri
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  • History's strongest Orc-san Fun Harem Building
  • La divertida vida del orco más poderoso de la historia, creando un harem en un mundo alternativo.
  • La vie amusante du plus puissant Orc de l'histoire, à la recherche d'un harem dans un autre monde
  • The fun life of the most powerful orc in history, creating a harem in an alternative world.
  • 史上最強オークさんの楽しい異世界ハーレム作り
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Our protagonist Oroku, is the son of a female knight and an orc. Due to his appearance taking more after his mother, he was harassed and bullied by the orcs of his village. After meeting a beautiful elf and other demi-human girls, and being rejected for his lineage, the strength of his blood awakens and plots a plan to become the strongest warrior in history in order to make a harem of beautiful women.

Nuestro protagonista Oroku, es el hijo de una mujer caballero y un orco. Debido a que su apariencia se acerca más a la de su madre, fue acosado y molestado por los orcos de su aldea. Después de conocer a una bella elfa y a otras chicas demi-humanas, y ser rechazado por su linaje, la fuerza de su sangre despierta y trama un plan para convertirse en el guerrero más fuerte de la historia y hacerse con ello un harem de hermosas mujeres.
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@FireWyvern98 I'm just saying how it is. I just felt that someone had to inject some sensibility into this cesspool.

While I'm at it, I might as well address the other trolls here.

Look, we don't give a shit if you find this manga to be offensive. Coming in here to scream about it is like a vegan going to protest at a meat packers convention. You're not accomplishing anything. There's no holy quest for you here. No matter how much bile you spew, no one here is gonna change their mind. You are not God's voice among the unwashed. Your words mean nothing here.

Stop trying to be edgelords. You're not even edgelords, you're fucking pizza cutters: all edge and no point!

And if you keep it up, people are just going to start blocking you so they don't have to put up with your BS. So don't start complaining that no one is listening to you. Because WE'RE NOT LISTENING TO YOU.

Instead, do us all a favor and go be ACTUALLY productive. Preferably elsewhere so we don't have to tolerate your shit.
such a massive trash trans group, welll
@BlackAeronaut a massive chad
God damn there's some toxic-ass motherfuckers here lately. Swear to God, I get busy with other shit for a while, and then someone shits ALL THE FUCKING BEDS with explosive diarrhea plus bonus Ebola virus.

So leeeemmmeeee get this straight.

Some dudes sniped this.

ieatloli, which is a one-man operation working on how many projects now? Decides to go ahead and leave it to the snipers if they want it so badly.

Personally, I don't blame aerozext. They got too much on their plate to be dealing with snipers. Though I wish that they hadn't pulled everything else they've done on this manga thus far...

...But in a ways, I don't blame them for this either.

Think about it. You're busy with all kinds of irons in all kinds of fires. And then someone decides they're going to do all the work for you, and do a shitty fucking job of it, and not even bother to do any of the previous chapters.

Folks, this here is a message: if you're gonna snipe something, then you damn-well better work for it.

As for the toxic-ass motherfuckers who seem to be getting off on trolling everyone by saying just how horrible mangadex is? Yeah, go fuck yourselves sideways with a cactus you goddamned trolls. The reason that the admins don't give a shit is because it's not their job to control the content - except where it violates mangadex's rules (such as they are). And sniping doesn't count because no one can claim exclusive rights to upload a manga *except* actual publishers who have purchased the rights to publish in a certain region. (And even they are gonna have a fight on their hands. Much kudos to the country of Moldovia!)
@Maala Sir, I think you're mistaking me with someone else. I'm not involved in translating this trainwreck of a series lol. I'd go to an aggregator site if I wanted to read it.

Mr. Delete everything because he got this godawful manga sniped is still a manchild tho 🤡
[“History’s Strongest Orc-San Fun Harem Building” is a story that made me so legitimately upset that I went to MangaDex, searched this manga, and went to the comment section just to type this up. This looks like a fucking mess that’ll only get worse from where I am at Chapter 12. I’m out before it does, dropped like it’s hot]

Now that’s edgy as fuck
Ya'll seem to be hating on this manga a lot for no reason.

From someone who's consumed hundreds of mangas, both with the individual genres and the genres together or paired with other genres, this manga is certainly not as bad as the few comments below mine say. Nor is it the best, it's acceptable and a pretty casual manga.
If anyone wants the earlier chappas they're on KissManga.
This manga is total shit.Please donot waste your time reading this.
1. This manga sucks
2. What’s the fucking point of being an orc if you look like a human? I don’t give a fuck if you’re only half orc, just look the part and have SOME physical orc features. SOME!!
3. This manga sucks
4. What the hell is up with the pacing? It’s some of the worst I’ve read in a long time, and that’s saying something, since I’ve read fucking Tyrannical Cocks, and that piece of shit has godawful pacing. It’s probably the fact that one is an Isekai-like story while the other isn’t that makes me hate the pacing here more
5. This manga sucks
6. If you’re building a harem, you should be taking pussy, not acting like one. Take the pussy, fuck you MC
7. Have I mentioned that this manga sucks yet?

“History’s Strongest Orc-San Fun Harem Building” is a story that made me so legitimately upset that I went to MangaDex, searched this manga, and went to the comment section just to type this up. This looks like a fucking mess that’ll only get worse from where I am at Chapter 12. I’m out before it does, dropped like it’s hot
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why the fuck? why remove chapter?
@jdexo1 boo hoo someone took your candy because of competition and you are complaining to them. Maybe go to your Mdex gods who could easily prevent shit like this happening over and over and over. But no, instead they are just sitting on their asses counting $$ and watch these dramas excalating.

Sounds like any other Overwatching organization, huh.

You want rights? Upload sth first and only then you can do whatever you want with them. Until then, keep barking up the wrong tree.
If you are really willing to do it, then why don't you just ask the leader of Galaxy Degen Scans to join the project.
Maybe you can also help them making the incomplete chapter 21 into the complete full page version.
this is surprisingly not bad
What group was doing the original?
awww man i actually like ieatloli
@JJTheWeeb It still makes him look like a petty retard with a toxic sense of ownership over a hobby, as someone said before. Okay, sniping series is a pretty shitty thing to do, but getting mad over a low quality mtl and then deleting everything? Yep, retarded.
Still willing to proofread for any groups who are not confident in their grammar skills, no payment required
The chapter still missing a few more pages so it still hasn't become full page version yet, since there are still part 3 for chapter 21, but this chapter only translated until part 2.
here is the link :
Hi, the translation doesn't make any sense, goodbye.