FFF-Class Trashero
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  • FFF급관심용사
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Protagonist Kang Han Soo killed the demon king after 10 years of being summoned in the fantasy world. Now it's time to be sent back to earth. What's this? the fantasy worlds god appears along with his report card. Because he removed all the obstacles that prevented him killing the demon king, his personality score came out as F. The regression that follows is that he has to return to the the start and begin again. Can Kang Han Soo end this endless returns?
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I also read the novel to chap 90 and, oh boy, shit will hit he fan real soon; poor MC has been abducted to a world were people act like violent retarded, stupid quests pop up one after another like a videogame, he is dragged into every shit on the way by his companions who act like they please without any consideration for him... MC has had enough, he just wants to be out of there, no fucks given; prepare to see him all murder-happy and love it!

MC is efficient and practical (also a bit deranged), after all, what value has the life of beings that can be "re-spawned"? Lanuvel is great and will be most of the travel with him.

For anyone that has read the novel:
@hafizwhdh they load for me. Maybe try reloading them or refreshing the page.

i am curious where this will go.

I think it has the possibility to be funny, a dark humor, which many won't like. I'm hoping they will hit some of the tropes, not just in Isekai but others as well. I wouldn't want a ton like this but I think it provides a change of pace.
when can we read the old chapters? i cant read ch 5 and 6 😭
So far I'm not really sold on the comic. We're told that the MC is/was so put upon in his previous incarnation but so far

Makes it really hard to empathize with he protagonist, Doesn't help that he's portrayed as a "logical" isekai MC, which comes off as smug more than intelligent, even though he is calculating.

Which all could be forgiven if there was a character, any character that I actually liked that he interacted with. As of now I like Lanuvel and MC's dynamic, may read ahead in the WN to see if this is worth following.
So... I read the 90 translated chapters of the novel...

And I love it!

All in all it was great up until where I was able to understand the translation (chapter 84 or so), but as stated here and in the LCD at Novel Updates, the art doesn't fit the stories at all: the novel is pretty comical (as in it's at times almost a parody), which I guess is by what they decided in this chibi-like drawing, but what he does is, often, quite brutal (though that may not be the best word to describe...).

In the LCD they commented about another (discarded) prototype, to anyone interested:

If this follows the novel closely it'll be nice to see what happens in the future. Haven't seen actually seen many LNs I like get turned into manga. Art style really doesn't fit the story though. Like not at all. I will say it actually turns out different from most Isekai pretty soon.
@staberas based on what i read on NU, it seems he's a Chaotic neutral. If someone slaps him he slaps back, and most of the time he goes by logic rather than emotions which i really like about him.
That i feel too. Most of the manga im reading today are koreans.
Is it just me or are koreans doing the whole manga thing better than japs lately?
Before having read this at all, reading these comments I fully expect the MC to be a terrible person, but let's be honest summoning random people from another world to be your hero is a scummy move anyway no matter how you slice it.
It's another "asshole-op mc in DnD-land" manga, if you already kinda know what you're going to to get, then CONGRATS! You've basically read the manga already
This is as boring and dumb as any other isekai, only it's got slightly better art.
this seems fun,not an edgelord and not a doormat.
So what's his dnd alignment?
I guess chaotic good to chaotic neutral
This is pretty boring so far.
As some comments said "Its a matter of perspective"

Being abducted
Being abused
Being Controlled

For the sake of World PEACE?

Better find some VOLUNTEER please or else if you FORCEFULLY GRAB some random guy out there then the INTRO of this story is really fitting END for this. SHITTY personality or NOT.
Ah those Koreans sure know how to make good manwhas. They compete well with those Japanese. Meanwhile most manhuas suck.
So I’ve breezed through the available translated chapters for the LN, and hooooo boy it gets wild.
@xTachibana thats a good thing, considering the usual boring mcs
Yeah I have a feeling it wasn't his comrades, dude just has a pretty shit personality to begin with....