Dousei Yankee Akamatsu Seven
Alt name(s):
  • Yankee Roommates: Akamatsu & Seven
  • 同棲ヤンキー 赤松セブン
  • 8.76
  • 9.13
  • 123
Pub. status:
  • 30,371
  • 1,021
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High school yankee Akamatsu regularly picks fights with Seven, a strong homeless man who lives in the local park. Fighting Seven is the biggest thrill in Akamatsu's life, so when it seems like Seven may have to leave the park, Akamatsu suddenly invites him to share his house!?

The domestic adventures of two handsome yankees living in a small apartment… BL writer SHOOWA and Shonen mangaka Okujima come together to deliver a uniquely exciting story!
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Not even serialised in English yet and the publishers already want it taken down. Lame.
Oh shucks I loved this series 😭😭
@fuegobb taken down due to publisher's request
Where did all the chapters go?
Dear scanlators, thank you so much for your hard work with the series. I understand your decision and wish you good luck with your future projects.

I hope your work increases the popularity of this manga, so the English version gets a boost of sales because of it. Similar strategy has been used by some writers in my country. They publish chapters for free in their websites, and when things are going good or almost climax, they stop the online publishing and sell the hard copies. It really boosts the sales and shorten the lifespan of the inventory in stores/warehouses, which is good for business. The publisher also minimize the risk, because if the online chapters don't caught much attention, they do not print the hard copies. The reader also welcome this strategy because they can be sure to like the book first before buying it. This is a good strategy for everyone involved: the reader, the writer, and the publisher.
Here's hoping it's actually published in English.
This manga is love love love and I'm looking forward to them releasing it in English ♥️♥️♥️♥️
im not crying or anything.
Welp, thank you for your hard work ❤ gonna miss this manga.
Vol.2 was released on January 16th in japan. I'm really looking forward for the next part of the story, hope we get some action (as in fighting yakuza) on this volume.
Ohh, right. Misread the collab info as saying she was drawing and he was writing the story.
@desert_coffin it's because that's not SHOOWA's art style. She did a collaboration with a shounen manga artist.
This is actually so good. I wonder what's up with Eight and Seven. Didn't recognise Shoowa's artstyle though, it changed completely!!
This is getting better and better, like a dream come true.
So tired of shounen hinting yaoi and the slamming the damn big hetero door on my face T.T
What up with the numbers name tho? some kind of sicko experiment with them kids?
That comment about being 24 and already too old to perform, got me spooked.
Could it be they train them since little? Is this going to be "that" kind of manga?
Seven, my son, omg, what intensity...
Can you turn a ho(meless guy—and possibly ex-ho too, actually) into a househusband?

Can't help but root for our MC here who picked up a runaway dude sought by yakuzas expecting only someone to fight with at first, then a domestic boyfriend later, I guess... Mans better ask some questions first. I like how commonplace and natural everything feels (but shit will hit the fan at some point, won't it?)

A very entertaining "Boy Meets Boy" story.
I'm in love~ I hope it's a long running manga
Oooh I love this author/artist combo so much! I feel like so many "yankee"-type shounen/seinen manga have serious homo but no-homo vibes and it's great to see a shounen-esque manga that fully embraces gay characters instead of skirting around them in fear of alienating audiences.
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@PSedits By any chance, is this same group also planning to work on that webcomic? That's an interesting summary you got there.

Now back on topic, I'm hardly well-versed in yaoi, but I found myself enjoying this manga regardless, maybe because it's not really romance-based, and the artist is a shonen mangaka... I'm still rooting for the dudes to get together and make it work though, the characters are interesting enough and I'm curious about where the author plans to take this story.
There is so much depth and hilarity. Actually a classic ?
@Ceiye Sooo, Okujima has this other series called "Private Tutor Kishi Knight"? He's been publishing the pages as a webtoon, it's about a delinquent who's failing at school until a handsome, princely tutor comes to his rescue. As the weeks go by, the two of them begin to develop a special bond.

Even though it's published like a webtoon and isn't explicitly BL, (Okujima calls it "BL flavoured", whatever that means) the first chapter was recently republished in Kachi Comi as a special feature oneshot. It's currently unclear if they'll publish any more or if it'll stay as a oneshot. Despite the uncertainty, I'm always excited to see what Okujima will do next!
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