Your SSS-rank Afterlife is Confirmed, Virtuous Old Man
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  • As a virtuous middle-aged man, my new life was confirmed to be SSS rank
  • Zennin Ossan, Umarekawattara SSS Rank Jinsei ga Kakutei Shita
  • 善人おっさん、生まれ変わったらSSSランク人生が確定した
  • 착한 아재, 다시 태어나니 SSS랭크 인생이 확정됐다
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The virtuous will definitely be rewarded!

This world judges the deeds and good karma of your previous life, and grants you a rank when you are reborn. The benevolent man, even surprising the gods through this, decides to be reborn as the son Alexander of a noble family in the same world as his past life, and thus starts his SSS-Rank life! Follow Alec's journey as he lives his life as a SSS Rank!!

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It has a good premise, but the MC get way too successful way too fast, I know he is SSS, but he isn't even 10 years old and the empress already wants his D...

It would have been better if he didn't have his previous memories and he slowly starts remembering things as he ages, thus he becomes OP.

It started out good, but there is absolutely no challenges to the MC, he waltz through life, thats a pretty fucking boring life if you ask me!
Is it a fun bad manga or a boring one?
i sleep
You know how stories will sometimes have a main character in a fake reality (dream sequence, mental trap, etc.) where it's just a series of short contrived scenarios where everything goes impossibly "right", and everyone else acts way out-of-character with no personalities or motivations beyond making the main character happy?

That's this entire manga.
This doesn't count as spoiler... This is just gonna be a fluffy manga where everything goes right no matter what...he is that is the definition of perfection, looks like author didn't even try hard with this one....but it does surprise me there's a manga of this...
MC doesn't have a personality outside of "is strong"
how many other same plot series--reincarnate in another world as boy, son of noble, alchemy, magic, beast-tamer, etc--are there?
Is this adapted from a WN or LN? I've seen some manga adapted from a LN Or WN and it lost some important details but i guess this is just that meh.(still gonna read it though to see if it gets better later)
First chapter was alright, but the chapters after it that are up so far are mediocre at best. Completely bland, unoriginal shit imo.
utter trash
This manga is like a check list of isekai tropes.
Pretty normal and bland.
Pretty bland.
this manga is every isekai manga but only the overpowered and harem part without the plot at all. bland
After the first three pages of the first chapter, my mind was like

I don't fucking understand why this piece of shit get realization.
It's like written by a 10 years old mental and mix with everything generic and combined it with as little research as possible.
I would note that this is fantasy + reincarnation, but not isekai. The MC reincarnated into the same fantasy world he lived the first time.
Funny how the tag "isekai" gets added to anything in a fantasy setting nowadays. It will completely lose its meaning at this rate, if it's not already done.

And yes, it's as generic as it gets. There is not a single thing that's original here. I'll probably pass on it.
I don't think i've seen such a generic isekai ever
Like, usually, you see bits and bits of generic shits every now and then in some mangas, but this, jeez, it's soooooo generic