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Acting pretentious is his hobby! Being the ultimate rich player, he’s used to spending “expenses” around others on the down-low, having the most extravagant equipment and armor. In the gaming world, there's nothing that can't be solved with money!
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Where's the chapters 39 and 40 ?
For those who don’t like plot drugs that predict the future: too bad, the spice must flow!
I literally can't even tell these manhuas apart anymore.
First off the premise is actually great on paper, but the writing is horrible.
Being OP is not necessary a bad thing for a character in a story, but so far there is nothing special about this one.
it's also not really funny enough to be considered a joke manga like " I Am the Only One Who Knows This World Is a Game"
my impression after reading all 29 chapters is that its 3/10 only because the art is good, the story itself is horrible and this is 100% a skip if you dont have too much time to waste like i do.
Now as for why that is....

The MC is basically young Bruce Wayne aka Batman, who somehow (This is not explained in manga so far ) Get the power to see the future with the help of a drug.
This leads him on a mission of revenge to find out who killed his parents and why.
One of the things he learned from this is that the game "Era" is going to take over the world and for some reason crash the market making any other form of currency then the in game one useless.
He then proceeds to spend his entire fortune getting the best head start possible in the game hoping to find a clue there about who killed his parents...why ? no idea it was explained to him in the future vision "off screen" so we have no idea what he actually saw.
A malfunction of the game server then prevents everyone from investing money after the game started that he somehow predicted thanks to the drug.
This makes him one of the very few people with alot of starting money and gives him an ungodly amount of hidden bonuses from the 30 billions he invested that presumably nobody else have.
So far so good, it's a bit strange but it could have been great.
The problem starts once he gets into the game.....

For the few of you who don't want spoilers he gets everything he could want and more without working for it so he is better then everybody else from day 1.
Also he is by no means "down-low" everybody in the game knows who he is, they just dont know who he is in real life.
So far he have also done 0 investigating and the only thing he have done outside of taking a piss on everyone else is trying to level up.
The other side characters have potential to be good but they have so far not alot of screen time.

We have a generic healer girl.

The stupid comedy relief character named "Old Lobster"
Who the MC meets just after logging in, he is friendly and tries to help the MC out before rushing out not knowing who he really was.

The Antagonist is the most bland of them all, and while not super evil is using some not so nice methods to get ahead of everyone else.

We also have a guy whos got a rare class that is all about live streaming events like a news anchor because of course you do.
He could actually turn out to be a cool character but again, so far we have only seen him a few times and he never really take center stage.

The story still has some potential left, but the writing is just as terrible as my review and ruined most of it.
3 / 10
Go read Legendary moonlight sculptor or Silver Gravekeeper instead if you haven't already.
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There’s a lot of negative comments and this is one of them. The premise isn’t necessarily bad imo, but it’s the way it’s being written. You can skip through all of the chapters when he’s in VR and still get the gist of the story. The main character is way too OP, and he’s keeping it on the down low in order to enact his revenge, while doing so everyone (basically the antagonistic rich folks) look down and him and consider him trash.

It’s only 30 something chapters in, but it’s taking so long just to get the economic crash which is explained in chapter 1. The only important chapters are like ch 25-28 or something along those lines, which are basically the chapters when he’s back in reality. Everything else is basically one giant filler to act as a build up. All the characters are written in like all of the other typical Chinese manhua, so that added with the weak storyline and writing makes this utter trash.

Honestly, if this manhua was written differently, even with the typical personalities and writing that is in Chinese manhua, it would be decent to okay.

Read it for yourself if you still seem interested, but this is a definite skip.
So not only is he some badass in the game he dropped his entire fortune on he's also a badass in real life yet nobody knows about it? Everything just goes his way and when they don't it does or it's solved off screen! Only thing that makes sense is this is a parody, but it's not a good parody to any extent.

I'm all up for power fantasies love them on my best days, but this is just way to much.
So many negative comments. He’s investing money into a game chill your pants. Read ch 1 if you don’t understand a single thing. He clearly says that money will be useless. How’s this any diffrent from stock markets? It’s just that noe he can play with them instead of just waiting for it to rise. All the money grubbers begone!
all the pages take forever to load :(
If my only choice was between reading this and watching the paint dry, I’d pick the paint and never regret it.
I've seen wish fulfillment manga about being a hero or a villain.
I've seen wish fulfillment manga about being a peasant or a noble.
I've even seen wish fulfillment manga about being a monster or a sword...

Now I've seen a petty wish fulfillment manga about wasting money on Pay2Win micro-transactions, and it's the dumbest of all.
In this manhua. Pay to win. You're supposed to cheer for the protagonist because he's an arrogant rich kid.

Give it a pass. You won't lose anything.
there are a lot of shitty manhuas but this one is one of the shittiest I have had the occasion to "read". Decent art tho

@nako that ACTUALLY sounds like something the Chinese would do...
What a shit game this would be, This is like pay to win propaganda or something, they're trying to make spending all your cash on in game items seem cool.
Oh wow really having fucking dmg reflection and instant full heal as unlockable skills straight into the trashcan. It was barely tolerable trash before this but now its trash that has to get dropped
@psolokratoras I tend to suspect that there are chinese translators who are being paid to spread manhuas to make them popular in the west or something. I really can't come up with a different explanation because all manhua have horrible ratings, so why would a scanlation group keep translating them if it's not their actual job....? This might also explain why the translations aren't that good for a lot of them - the translators aren't native english speakers...
Someone should put the brakes on this overflux of garbage manhua that has been going on for quite a while this past year. Made in China is a very fitting term here. Even the most generic bland japanese isekai is better than like 90% of manhuas.
This has to be the least appealing premise I've read in this site in a genre I enjoy, like, it would pass only as a parody
He's gonna loose all the money soon
Basically, the OP MC is a Pay2Win player.

I don't think I'm gonna read something like this or even a play a game (even a Chinese game that has 'VIP System' that screams P2W because I don't like it.

The story's potential was wasted because of it.