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  • Nekuromansu
  • Некромантика
  • ネクロマンス
  • 네크로맨스
  • 7.81
  • 7.80
  • 960
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  • 724,893
  • 25,969
  • 64
A beautiful fantasy love story between an undead hero and a great saint... which starts with a death flag on the first page.
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AAAnd just like that, our zombie-boi finally got a sword he can use!
It's harem because the mc is surrounded by women who display romantic interest in him. Yes, even the one that supposedly has a love interest confessed to liking the mc for a long time "before" and routinely blushes around him. That's all that's needed for the tag, since the genre exists entirely too make the readers identify as someone popular with the girls, not to necessarily depict a realistic harem.
Agree with some of the others I don't see how this is a harem. A harem is supposed be to at least 3 recurring love interests.
All he has is Safi and the Succubus. Riko hasn't shown any serious interest in him and already had a different guy she liked from the earlier chapters.
They added the tag after the chapter with the elves I assume due to the elf queen, but she was a one-off character so I don't see how she counts.
If random one time background characters with a crush count as harem members then the tag should be on almost all the shounen series on this site.
This got so boring after a while I had to drop it. AND theres no harem is the MC has only eyes for one girl.
@spauldo its like sao harem. Kirito and Asuna real couple. Just like shibuki and safi.
@bejad007 Yeah, it's not your standard harem trope.

I think the succubus girl makes it qualify as a harem manga, but this doesn't have the wishy-washy MC and the relationship between the two main characters is well established. There's absolutely no question on which girl he wants, and their relationship is public knowledge.

Still, the succubus character works as a plot device to keep the two on their toes and make Safi come to terms with her sexuality, so she's more than just comic relief.

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it wasn’t harem the last time im here
@Drakodlak Nahhh, Necromance moved from Weekly Shonen Magazine to MangaPocket which is a way smaller version of Jump+ but from Kodansha. The volumes don't sell too bad but they are declining volume to volume (Based on estimations the first volume got like, 9k and the second one couldn't pass the 6k mark), so they moved the manga to their app since with sales so low it never would live in the main mag.
@Masgrande the ten pages will be probably the new standart precisely because they moved to another magazine. As for why, we can only guess. It also might be that it got enough backing that they were invited to publish in better known magazine.
we're all corrupted being

for the time being, let's do 100 sit-ups
ay bruh shoutout to the scanlators i love y'all
Did the manga moved magazines because of bad ratings or because the previous magazine folded? Also is ten pages the new standard?
The party got slimed up...
Something is executed right in this manga work
What a good quality and entertainment

This mangaka is good in other simple words

I remembered her/his other works now
@ReaVen_LEAD really?! That's a relief then. Really having fun reading this.
@GreenMug I swear to all thats lovely and fluffy, that wasnt there in the beginning. Probably got added the moment Vanilla showed up.
man, didn't notice the harem tag, though it's not quite harem-y as far as I have been reading it. You can see that Shibuki really has an unwavering love for Safi and their development as a couple really grows as the story progresses. I hope the author doesn't f*ck this up.
Man, really love the art~
kinda rooting for the evil saint in this particular scenario to be honest