The Strongest God King
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  • Zui Qiang Shen Wang
  • 最强神王
  • 회귀하여 최강 신왕으로
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This is an era full of aura, and a world where the immortals gather. The young Wu Fu returned after being reborn,and looking at his eyes, how calm he was. What I need to do is to raise the sword and clear all the enemies of the last
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A summed up version of the story is:

"Yu're courting death!"
"You court death!"
"You're courting deah!"
"Your courting dath!"
"You're corting death!"
"You're courting death!"
"Youre courting death!"
"You courting death!"
"Youre courting death"
"You're courting death!"
"Youe courting death!"
"You're courting deth!"
Eminem says "Why would be a king, when you can be a god", and I don't know why chinese put that together, they really are something when it comes to naming
this scan group is horrible ngl. i hope they get better though.
This story is so weak.....
this manga makes me erect from the sheer dominance emanating from that dog
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i always wonder why manhua's title always about being number 1? like "the strongest, the immortal, overpowered, etc" and also like using something beyond human like Gods, angels, hell, demons,.. just reading the titie already make me bored
Why is this 6 stars this is at most 4 stars it is so much repetitive that even my cat can write a better story
Thanks pal you saved me out there.
Chinese have a single track mind, manhwa/manhua full of cultivators, girls having big boobs, and they have another kink also. Naming their title with the word system in it. For korean manga, they could not go beyond gaming world, or have same background as solo levelling
@Fnoop i love me some young master syndrome
Nothing in this comic is absolutely horrible, besides the overall story and the pure focus on one single element. The first few chapters even look quite alright. The story however quickly devolves into an endless revolving door of filler trash fight, with arrogant young masters insulting the MC for no apparent reason. They come one after the other, without end, without pause, without anything of substance in between. It gets old real quick.

Bad comic. Not recommended.
More of the same nonsense but with worse art and dialog. Dropped.
This is like Skyrim's bandits! See dragonborn with dragon armor and dragon sword.
Bandit: This is all you got?!
why does it seem like pages are missing??? i am getting so confused
These people: *literally witnessed his power several times*
Also them: "yOu CaN't BeAt ThEm, Wu Fu~"
the god king's servant's cultivator's superior's strongest peerless divine genius immortal emperor ascension with mythical exorcism including new funky mode featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry series & knuckles deluxe for the Wii U, including Gears of Halo Theft Exodus: a new order V all-stars battle royale 2 at the olympic games.

kill me
-spy tf2

don't forget "cultivator" or "peerless"

the only exception to the last one is peerless dad but that's korean manhwa
Name of this manga is super generic and it is incredibly hard to find on this site because the tags aren't even right for it. Needs to have "Time Travel" at least tagged
Author:let's come up with unique name
2 mins later
Hmmm that would be good slaps title on this shitty art style every manhua has
And there goes and beaond this super name title The strongest god
His friend: hey add king at the end it will look cooler just to let u know apes together strong

And if i did offend someone i'm very sorry and this was made by an stupid 14 year old kid at night
You know it's a shitty manhua when it starts with "strongest" or "greatest" or "divine" and so on. And almost every chinese manhua is like this
is it just me or does manhua tend to have the shittier title?