The Evil Lady Will Change
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  • È Nǚ Huì Gǎibiàn
  • A Villainess No More
  • Akujo wa Henka Suru
  • La dama malvada cambiara
  • La dame mauvaise changera
  • 恶女会改变
  • 恶女會改變
  • 悪女は変化する
  • 악녀는 변화한다
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  • 704,807
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Athanasia Cloix, a woman whose elegance and beauty is akin to that of a swan lake, was the Duke’s eldest daughter and the Queen of the social circles: an existence near to perfection. Due to some rumors, however, people began to misunderstand and belittle her. As she suffered through these unfortunate events, she learned to conceal her feelings by putting on a façade and agreed to a political marriage with the Winter-comer who's also known as the “Northern Monster.”

"As the Grand Duke, I will do my best to accommodate your needs and desires. But love alone is something I can't give to you." Unbeknownst to her, that very man will change her life and thus a new fate is about to unfold.

Note: Original novel by Nunoiz is Korean, but the comic is drawn by a Chinese artist. It was first released in Chinese and then released in Korean.

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    i like it because the main leads’ relationship is one built on friendship, trust, and a common goal. i don’t think it’s groundless infatuation, it’s more of a fondness that comes from finally having someone be on your side. both leads have bad reputations and are used to working alone, while doing good things in the shadows. i hope the story delivers!
    I believe for those that came because of the good comments, you won't like it because you're expecting something.

    I came here when it didn't have that many chapters out and I was just enjoying it as it was without any input. And tbh I think it is a very good decent read.
    This is so good! It starts slow because there is a lot of lore to build upon, but it's updating so slow and manganelo doesn't have the best quality, nor has it continued since November. T.T
    This reads like a twice-a-week updated story with chapters this short. Hope it can get a boost up to its 100+ chapters.
    I dont understand why this is rated so highly...

    I read up to ch 25, and nothing interesting has happened. There have been a few plot hooks/setups, lots of pointless filler, and some groundless romance progress (OMG I've interacted with you twice, but now I'm infatuated with you). All things that should've happened in the first 10 chapters.

    Does this get better around ch 50 or something? Because so far at best its a vacant 6.5-7
    @Hakushoku0129 The website I'm reading on is MangaDex.

    Edit: Removed agg link
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    @TheDollCollector do you have the link to the russian translation?
    To anyone who can read Russian
    It's translated up to chapter 116 so it's worth looking for that
    Where did you read it in Spanish, @Celebrianna ?
    I actually enjoyed this so far, lol.
    These chapters are so gd short
    I hate cliffhangers 😭
    I just realized the body guard is wearing saber’s dress
    Thank you for your hard work on this series. I’m glad I can read it in English. I have seen the Spanish translation up to chapter 123 and it was interesting to find out why Rian is called “Monster of the North” and Athy is called “Evil Lady”. These two were treated so unjustly in their past that it’s no wonder they connect with each other so well. Glad to see the series deal with the people who hurt them and scandalized them in the past. Also glad to see Athy will eventually face her family again.

    While this series might not be liked by everyone, for those who do like it, we learn a lot more about Athy and Rian, their pasts, their marriage and the importance of their Duchy.
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    This is really boring... the actual plot doesn't even start for more than 5 chapters and even then it looks completely aimless. I wonder how it even got an 8/10 rating
    Empty. It seems like something mass produced that lacks the soul of the author.
    Y'all should read the Note in description lmao this comic is good because it was based on a KOREAN novel, sadly most chinese comics based on chinese comics are still wacky
    Dont waste your time many similar better series out there. its a 4 for me.
    "This is-" your wife being smart. 😝
    This was the only manhua I subscribed 👍🏻💜