Joou no Hana
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  • Joou no Hana - Tokubetsu Prologue
  • Joou no Hana: Tokubetsu Prologue
  • Kraliçenin Çiçeği
  • The Flower of the Queen
  • The Queen's Flower
  • 女王の花
  • 女王之花
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  • 8.66
  • 119
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  • 105,586
  • 4,956
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Long ago, there existed a land divided into four countries: Sou, Kou, Do, and Ah. The King of Ah took on a wife from Kou and soon thereafter one from Do, creating a shaky alliance between the three nations. When the Second Queen gave birth to a son, the King cast aside the sickly First Queen and her daughter Aki into the depths of the Palace. But as Fate would have it, Princess Aki encounters a slave named Hakusei, who has peculiar golden hair and sky blue eyes. He promises his life to her and helps her train in the Six Arts under the guidance of the enigmatic merchant Seitetsu. However, when Aki outshines the Prince during a hunt in an attempt to gain her father's acknowledgement, she inadvertently sparks a war by besmirching Do's honor and drives the Second Queen to poison her mother. With nothing left but her faithful Hakusei, Aki is banished to the small country of Kou with a vow to return to Ah one day for revenge. But in the face of the mighty allied nations of Do and Ah, will the two survive long enough to carry out Aki’s vow?

Winner of the 60th Shogakukan Manga Awards for Best Shoujo.
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@syofiaa give me the spoilers that you know please, I want to know before I start reading
@syofiaa mmmm..... . Thank you for the warning I guess 😶
@syofiaa did you read the last chapter in raw?
Been so long reading this manga O.O
Thankyou for the hardwork scanlation team for picking up this series ❤

The tragedy tag up there not just for display only.


I warned you peeps~
I see tragedy...
I remember reading this years ago on rawlh or something. Its really good, one of my favorites!!! But I dont think these kinds of manga is popular here on mangadex.
It’s a really good premise and has decent characters, but as a character driven person myself there wasn’t really anyone I really liked and was rooting for. The characters are well thought out and written with clear goals and roles, but beyond that there was not enough personality in any character. Except maybe the Sou Prince.

Despite that I really appreciated being able to see Aki’s growth as a strategist, having both victories and failures, which I see isn’t often common with portrayals of main characters (often they’re able to be amazing at their tasks with minimum training).

Definitely give it a try if you’re more of a plot driven person. I made it to about ch14 until I realised I didn’t care enough 😭

Also, there’s a trigger warning in the spoilers but it definitely left a bad impression on me from then on.
😭I really want to read this but I'll wait for more chapters 😭
This is really really good.... why isn't it more popular? Oo Are these kind of political manga not liked in Japan or something?
THIS IS SUCH A GOOD MANGA!!!! Its been a while since ive last read a worth while manga. Thank you for translators for introducing this to us.
Definitely worth-reading!
the description remind me of recent manhwa 'the flower that bloom by cloud'
I wanna read this but it look like they stop updating.. i hope someone/grup would pick this up :(
Wait so this is an award-winning manga apparently. I'm pretty sad it isn't getting traction through scanlations :((
it's marked completed here but there are 15 volumes total so where is the miscommunication?
This is really good!
does the tragedy tag involve one of the 2 main characters ?
The description alone is better that 90% of the mangas i've read
Wow, this is such a great story.
I want to say a final word about this great historical shoujo.
Please, please, everyone. Don’t be fooled with its low rating (especially on mangaupdates). You should follow the story till the very end. This is in another caliber, the exact opposite of Akatsuki no Yona which is telling the same tale about political intrigue.

I highly recommend if you want to see – not cliché, a series with good premise. But I won’t recommend if you aren’t ready to follow how extreme the development in this manga has. Yes, watch my words.

I love Hakusei. He did a great role as a good friend I’ve ever seen in history of manga. Bluntly speaking, I also find it problematic when he tried to rape Hime-sama. Yeah, what the hell, rape your master? But, you will love him when you see how mature he becomes in later chapters.

This is not for a faint-hearted reader. You must enjoy every moments in this manga because they are so precious. Not to mention how beautiful the art is. It’s bitter, I cried so hard at the end. THAT is : An unexpected ending, you will hate it. But, it was great, you know, spot on. Izumi-sensei knows how to play her cards very well.

Don’t judge one sided based on several volumes only. The conflict rises along the way, in every place, which is affect their psychology completely.
Hint : A heavy ride.
Also, I got trauma to read another heart-wrecking shoujo. I’m fed up, really.

Rating : around 8 to 9/10