2.5 Dimensional Seduction
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  • 2.5 Jigen no Ririsa
  • 2.5 Jigen no Yuuwaku
  • 2.5D Seduction
  • 2.5次元の誘惑
  • 2.5차원의 유혹
  • Ririsa of 2.5 Dimension
  • 8.25
  • 8.27
  • 959
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  • 682,158
  • 25,844
  • 46
"I have no interest in real women! My wife, Lilliel, is a 2D girl!" But something unexpected appears in front of Okumura, the president of the Manga Research Club... A real Lilliel? An exciting cosplay love comedy begins!!

Portuguese / Português:
"Eu não estou interessado em uma mulher real! Minha waifu Liliel está no mundo 2D!" Okumura, presidente do clube de mangá, um dia na sua frente apareceu... uma Liliel real?
Uma super comédia empolgante começa!
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needs a drama tag
This manga is nice, just like any other romcom out there, cute girls being in love and whatever, if you can tolerate the cringe, the inhuman dense moments and the mc being a simp then you would like it.

personality i don't like cosplay at all, so that's why i don't find this amusing, but if you like it then that's other point to follow this up.

I'm out.
The MC getting drowned by the heroine and her rivalry
yo mikari just faded out LOLOLOL
What the hell happened to this manga? I thought it started off pretty good, but now it’s just droning on and on about characters no one cares about talking about their love for cosplay.
Simps the manga.
Judging by the fact that the next volume has this heavenly Jade skin blackbellied whatever cosplay girl in the cover, I doubt we'll get back to school soon.
Man just end the arc already and go back to the awkwardness of those 2 teenagers with mutual feelings without noticing them.

Just caught up and man am I loving this series. It looks like this series updates pretty frequently. Can’t wait for the next chapters😀
@Morteman1998 Not fullblown narrow definition NTR, no. At least extremely rarely. But this is already manga with tits so...
@gladiatorua yeah but ntr doesn't appear in mangas, only on hentai.
The fuck did Mikari go?
Damn it's getting super lengthy indeed...
@greatninja3 @SmartBirb I'd love for this manga to go back to be about two awkward teenagers that fall in love sharing a common interest. I'm afraid my wish won't be granted, though.
And heck, I love battle shounen..but with this setting I can't really take the story seriously.
This started out really funny and interesting. It’s sorta become cringey though. Cosplay ain’t that dramatic, chief.
@Lex79 I too want the nipples back i just want them to go back to high school being stupid horny high school kids.

Story wise the other cosplay manga is better considering they are also quite informative in how to do cosplay still has romance no harem and side characters only really stay in their respective arcs maybe they’ll return but most of the times interaction are with the ML and FL

This one to be specific


Maybe this manga gets better after this battle arc is done
@Lex79 yeah its cringy af. This turned into shonen battle manga somehow
All this focus on pro cosplay and cosplay battles and rivalries and heavenly cosplayers is killing my interest in this series.
This manga is dumb with misleading tags. This us not harem, nor romances. It's more like Yuri/Shoujo ai and Friendships. I don't understand why it's a harem when most of all the supposed 'harem' candidate only interact with the FMC the most while the MMC ignored and treated like a mob. Should delete the MMC if author want a better story. It just too forced that author trying to push 'harem' thing when it doesn't even happen at all. The romance are super cringy and FMC don't need it for character development.

Edit: For someone who looking for 'harem' in this manga, forget it. It's obvious the first girl the one who will be the FMC , in fact she is the only heroine there judging by the interaction with the MMC and her screen time. It's a fake harem but worser than Nisekoi...
Surprisingly fun. Not just raw Ecchi, though it's covered head to toe in it. Future arcs have a strangely battle shounen feel to it.