"Kouryakuhon" o Kushi Suru Saikyou no Mahoutsukai ~< Meirei sa sero > to wa Iwa Senai Oreryuu Mao Tobatsu Saizen Ruuto ~
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  • '공략본'을 구사하는 최강의 마법사 ~명령할 여지를 주지 않는 자기류 마왕토벌 최선 루트~
  • 「攻略本」を駆使する最強の魔法使い ~<命令させろ>とは言わせない俺流魔王討伐最善ルート~
  • "Kōryakuhon" o kushi suru saikyō no mahōtsukai ~< meirei sa sero > to wa iwa senai oreryū maō tōbatsu saizen rūto ~
  • "Kouryakubon" wo Kushi Suru Saikyou no Mahoutsukai: "Meirei Sasero" to wa Iwasenai Oreryuu Maou Toubatsu Saizen Route
  • The Strongest Sorcerer Who Makes Full Use of the "Strategy Guide"
  • The strongest wizard who makes full use of the “strategy book”
  • Сильнейший волшебник, использующий "Книгу Мира" наполную
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  • 7.02
  • 937
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  • 515,735
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Magnus, a mage who always got yelled at "just shut up and follow my orders!" by the Hero because he was deemed "useless". One day after getting fed up with his party he left, upon leaving he met a merchant that sold him a mysterious book.
And it turned out that the book which was written in the god's language was actually an ultimate encyclopaedia book that had a lot of useful information on how to defeat the Demon Lord!
Thanks to that book, he was able to know about boss monsters' weaknesses and raise his level more efficiently, data about important people, and it even had info on complete gourmet spots in any city! Moreover, by using his wits and scheming mind, he's even able to outclass the hero party! With the ultimate encyclopaedia in his hands, advance to the true route to defeat the Demon Lord!

Magnus wasn't chosen by destiny to be the hero. That's why, He's going to beat the Demon Lord with his own power and wits and save the world.

Webnovel : https://ncode.syosetu.com/n6309ex/
Japanese Light Novel: Bookwalker
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So this story is about an NPC, who finds THE GAME's Strategy Guide?

I can understand the Hero being an arrogant asshole, but why is the priestess such a bitch? lol
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so when does the priest and hero die?
I can't wait for the dumbass fake hero and his lil priest bitch to get rekt
I want to neck myself, Magnus is just a bitch he shouldn't have forgiven her. He should take some notes from the Hero Raul.
I'm sad.
I'm sad because I have wasted my time on this.
Again. 😢
Why is there a "sexual violence" tag i don't get it. Is it becouse of that like 2-3 panels long tentacle play only?
this manga is so fucking dumb why am i still so captivated to read this
Uhm this is not an isekai?? Its just a fantasy adventure so why the talk of isekai?
This is not a isekai
This is a good one, just don't like how mc shows retarded mercy to the hero who treated him like shit and goes around commiting crimes on a daily basis, he even saved him from dieing yet the hero tried to frame the mc🤦‍♂️
OOOOFF... i can hear the sound of shattered heart... well you reap what you sow Misha!
wha this is a harem now?
Imagine being upset about the tentacles. Easily the best part so far. Username relevant.
I was hoping the cat girl to join mc but I don't see her in any of the cover art, so i'm guessing not?
Well... Except the chapter 10 wtfiness, and the girls in this manga, it's quite... meh. Maybe if this was more "slow paced" it would be better
"~Isekai-wise" tag is needed along with the "Isekai"
This is from "interesting" tier to "horrible" real quick. Rating at 7.15 is still high. Not the worst manga I've ever read, but definitely one of them. Don't waste your time on this.
Wtf is wrong with this shit, yet another kid wet dreams fantasy
Isekai : Transported to another world (usually by summoning or being killed)

Reincarnation : Die and come back to life (can be reborn in another world, or die in another world and reincarnate in the same, is not isekai unless they die in one world and get taken to another)

Fantasy : It takes place in another world (usually magic themed, is not naturally Isekai or Reincarnation unless, y'know, they get Isekaied/Reincarnated)
Lol people so sensitive.