A Stepmother's Märchen
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  • A Stepmother's Fairy Tale
  • El Cuento de Hadas de Una Madrastra
  • Eoddeon Gyaemonim'eui Märchen
  • Eoddeon Gyaemonim'eui Maereuhaen
  • Mou Ge Jimu De Tonghua Gushi
  • 某个继母的童话故事
  • 某個繼母的童話故事
  • 어떤 계모님의 메르헨
  • 9.14
  • 9.17
  • 2,588
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  • 1,137,262
  • 39,805
  • 102
The Iron Widow, the Spider Widow, the Male Hunter, the Witch of the Neuschwanstein Castle, the embarrassment of noble ladies... These were all the words used to describe the Marchioness Shuli Von Neuschwanstein. Despite receiving such harsh criticism from everyone, she persisted in raising her 'children', left behind from her late husband. On the day of her eldest son's wedding, signaling his possession of the family's seat as Marquess, she felt she had finally tied up all loose ends and could live the rest of her life out peacefully. However, she had been terribly mistaken as she finds herself getting caught up in an accident and dying whilst leaving the castle on his wedding day. Upon opening her eyes, she finds herself waking up to the day of her husband's funeral, seven years ago.

'I refuse to suffer any more. I won’t live as I did in the past a second time!'

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@meryem2000 please do
Can I translate it? It shouldn't be sniping since they didn't upload for a month, right?
@Tori1937374738 it’s midterm/finals season so they’re probably busy studying for those. we might not be getting any updates for a bit
Is bucci gang dead?
take it-- all my appreciation for manga in general. ;-; the art is fantastic, the author and artist clealry know how to frame scenes and draw emotions and people with amazing coloring, and THE STORY. AHHHHH THE STORYYYYYYYYY WHY IS IT SO GOOOOD!!!!!!
@Criscola here’s a link to the one translated chapter on novelupdates, i don’t really see a point in reading since the manhwa is much further on but here it is https://www.novelupdates.com/series/a-stepmothers-marchen/
I didn't read the novel. I got these spoilers from here
@Mirinae where did you read the light novel?
the family fluff is real and i love it
Novel spoilers
Oh man this manhwa is so good. The summary didn't seem too interesting to me but I am pleasantly surprised. The main character is not helpless either, I like that she is responsible and level-headed.
My image of stepmom has been tempered by the internet but I'm glad this is wholesome.
Can we have more already. How often does this get updated?
shuli go win this shiiiz!!
Oh man, i love the relationship between Jeremy and Shuli. It honestly hits the hardest, especially when she says things like she'll never get to see his wedding. She's definitely a guardian for him. They support each other and care deeply for each other (that goes for the troublemaker trio too). I really hope they can stay a family in the end.
I saw someone say the Cardinal was around his 20's, and now I can't stop thinking of him and Shuli 😔
Am I the only one grinnigng while reading "The Kaiserreich Empire"? It's not fault of the translators since I believe it is written the same way in the Korean original..... However, if I translate both word into English it would be read as "the emperors (Kaiser) empire (Reich) Empire. While thinking about it. Now I get why we always said Kaiserreich in History lessons 🤔
Anyways, thanks for translating (if you ever gonna read my comment^^)
Pleazeeeee update moreee

you may find something at ridibooks.com.
but it's a korean website.
i like nora!!!