Seven Knights: Alkaid
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  • 세븐나이츠: 알카이드
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This action comedy follows the amnesic Kaleb Tanese, younger brother to the second king of Tanesia, as he runs against time to find the kidnapped holy lady and the stolen six star fragments and prevent the world from descending into another disastrous war. Along with two investigators who are after the truth of the kidnapping, and the captain of Tanesia's knights, he begins by trying to borrow the seventh star fragment, "Alkaid", which can be used to track down the other six.
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I deliberately read up to chapter 12 before responding to see if my opinion would change, but really the MC hasn't been given enough "screen time" to be called a cuck or pussy at this point in time. He just feels like an amnesiac prince with some sword skills, nothing more nor less. Now that's kind of lame and cliché by itself, but so far it has served the story fine.

I can't think of anything the MC does which stands out as "cuckish" behavior, besides not taking a more central role in the story (which I'm certain will change).
@Moth everyone has their own personal taste, so you might have had a different opinion. Basing on where I left off, because I haven't come back to the series since then. The plot sounds interesting on paper, but the way they make the MC make decisions is abit poor. Amnesia works with memories and with other things, but things like physical training is hard to forget because your body develops a reflex to that. That's why today's martial artist for example could still perform moves even with amnesia, it's put into their bodies to respond. But yeah, it's my opinion, if you wanna read it, go ahead, I'm not stopping you. But if you want the story to show good progress, you'd probably need 50+ chapters, cus the MC is clearly a soyboy
@domenasb I hesitated to read because I read your comment, but it turned out not at all as bad as you said. Well, he was possibly brought up as a 'sheltered' prince. It turned out that he didn't know the reality of the real world, probably because his brother the king hide the whole thing (about the tyranny of the prior king and maybe himself). He has amnesia and now he even doubt his own life and his own brother from the little thing that he can remember. Even the knight lady said that the recent experience made her think that her own life as a knight may be a lie. Everything about the real situation is still a mystery. I don't think his action is weird at all. When you have no information about things and even about yourself, you will be cautious. This is his journey to unravel the mystery.
@AlphaFlow ayy, you spared yourself the pain of reading this.
@domenasb your comment was all it took for me to not even try this title lul.

I bet it's mainly because they are afraid of linking two different productions to one story which could have an effect on both.

A good example of that would be the MMO Defiance and the tv show Defiance. The people who made that tv show were also involved with the game. They thought it would be awesome if both were linked, such that events that happened in the game would be relevant in the tv show and vice versa. They put so much effort in making the two products linked that it had an adverse effect on both products and of course the tv show were cancelled while the game had not much success either.
@someunregpunk Yes, it's based from korean mobile game, there's an english server for this as well you can find it easily in playstore or ios.

Kaleb didn't exist in the game (yet) and idk how will this connect to the original story, it's a wonder why they put useless effort to make this spin-offs instead of making actual main story lol, there are a ton of characters in the game that have more interesting and mysterious backstory (eventough some of characters were already drawn here )
so this is based off the game? I didn't even know there was another story until your comment. I did a search and found the game. I noticed that Evan and Rudy exists in that game but I didn't see Kaleb.
Why don't they just adapt the original story of Seven Knights with Evan and Rudy instead of spin-offs....
*this is my own personal opinion so plez no pepperoni hate*

The MC is the biggest p*ussy I think I've ever seen in a manga, which I've read to this day( Writing this comment while being up to chapter 12) . I don't know what mind f*ck strong amnesia this guy has, but I didn't know he has somehow became a pacifist and let most of the events, which were going through, pass by nilly dilly. I understand it's an important part for the story to progress, but considering the plot until this point, oh boy 'ol pal, the MC will become the next soy king.
thanks for the scans
is this okay to have not play or read anything from seven knights and start reading this?🤔
@Ghajik Okay, thanks, but I still think it's a hell of an archaic word. See the OED:

[f. saint n. + -ess.]
A female saint.
1449 in Nichols Illustr. Manners Ant. Times 132, Y beseche al the glorious seyntes and seyntesses in heaven [etc.].
1509 Fisher Funeral Serm. C'tess Richm. Wks. (1876) 306 The moost blessyd company of sayntes and sayntesses.
1625 Jackson Creed v. xxviii. §1 Saints are not our immediate intercessors, but some Saintesse may make immediate intercession.
1737 Gentl. Mag. VII. 287/2 This Maid of Orleans, whom divers French Historians picture out as a Saintess.
1865 Freeman in W. R. W. Stephens Life & Lett. (1895) I. 334, I made a speech likening her to all the crowned saintesses in ecclesiastical history.

I knew the word in French, but I'd never seen it before in English. It's okay if your translator wants to give the translation a historical flavour. I'd personally use simply "saint".

Keep up the good work!
I was under impression that the story follows the game when I read the first 2 comments. But it seems it wasn't like that at all. Its a complete different story lol
"Saintess"? Does that word even exist? As far as I know, "saint" is a genderless word. How about "holy lady" or something else?
Seems interesting, will judge it after a few more chapters
Im playing seven knights global mythical awakening super imbalanced
Yoo who else play seven knights here???