The Queen Is Busy
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  • Her Majesty Is Busy
  • Huanghou Hen Mang
  • 皇后很忙
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A 19-year-old girl named Qing Tian was suddenly transported in time to an unknown dynasty. At first, she thought she could slowly enter the battles of the harem, but she’s surprised to find out that she's actually the Queen! How did this messy story come to be??

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No he promised her she would be his only empress. He betrayed her on multiple fronts. Harems are primarily and explicitly for ensuring the continuation of the Emperors bloodline. If the promise was that he wouldnt have sex with anyone else than not instantly dissolving the harem would be clearly breaking it.
@Uthred Eh.... there is no such a thing as two queens, maybe ranks within the concubines, he promised her that she will be the only women in his life, concubines are in a harem not only to satisfy sexual desires but to form political bonds with families or even countries, he betrayed her heart, that's all there is.
So sad mangatoon’s translations aren’t the best
On Mangatoon it's called 'Her majesty is busy' 😊

It's on chapter 21 there.
Wahhhhh!!! 😭😭😭😭

It truly was just properly starting.

Thank you Scanlators for your hardwork 🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️
@shokupanda wow, I didn't know that. That sounds pretty bad D:

In one way or another, sad to say, Mangatoon and other Chinese comic apps are official. They are created and funded by the Chineses and got authorization to publish the manhua. However, the translation is from the readers (w/o proper PR) so I didn't expect much 😂
too bad this is getting dropped so early on. feels like the intros were just done and the story is just about to really start
sometimes i wonder if MT app is really official... for English anyways. Their Chinese collection is pretty extensive and only neat for those who can read Chinese

depending on the series, they would break down the chapters to their own preferred length, cut scenes or censor stuff without us knowing (a reader from MT chinese pointed out english chapters got cut lol), seemingly ripping translations from other scans without them(and/or us) knowing, etc .etc.
And to top if all off, some less popular titles have trashy translations. Might make you consider machine translations as the better option at times too.
It's pretty clear that neither of them expected the Emperor not to have a harem. Had they believed that he could simply have dismissed his other concubines. The Emperor has numerous things to apologise to her for, he's betrayed her multiple times. But on the "no other Queens (which should probably be empresses)" he's "golden".
@Uthred Dude 🤨 the fact that the dead Queen was angry and the ML said it was his fault, means that they both meant only Queen as the only woman that'd be with him.

If he literally meant only Queen as "without counting concubines", why would the Emperor apologise for betraying her?
is it just me or this concubine bitch is looking down on the queen. hello? is there no punishment for that. i was really tryna see her slapped so hard that she’d kneel.
Translator, might telling me why mc is called 'Queen' instead of 'Empress' please? While the Emperor still retain his. Weird.
I'm not condoning the Emperor's behaviour. But can none of you read? He promised her she would be his only Queen. She is the only Queen. Promise fulfilled.

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This is the time I need to be reminded that the emperor will not be loyal to one so why care for any promises

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i don't like the ml hes too wishy washy. he promised the mc then he goes to build a harem
Sooo glad for an update!
the ml is trash clearly the one that changed was you
Ah, I understand, but can’t help be disappointed... I really get the harem thing, but why the hell he made a promise?? I mean... He created expectation he didn’t had to, only to crush it later. That’s what I don’t understand and is what made me angry. He only hurt her more for nothing.