Creepy Cat
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  • Creepy Cat ~ My Strange Daily Life with a Cat ~
  • Creepy Cat ~Neko to Watashi no Kimyou na Seikatsu~
  • CreepyCat 猫と私の奇妙な生活
  • Kucing Seram - Kehidupan seharian yang pelik bersama kucing.
  • Жуткий кот - Кот и моя странная жизнь
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Flora just moved to an old house, but there's already a creepy cat living there. That's when their mysterious cohabitation began.
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Creepy cat looked like phil and lil in that last panel.
@okami6663 I see Oscar as a character similar to Angel from the Buffy series. Started as a minor character then has grown to be apart of the supporting cast.
You consider Oscar to be a romantic character? For me, he's semi-main, semi-side character - just one more weirdo.
@pyrolynx71 if you want a bit of spoilers then
*sigh* my prediction (based on everything that’s happened up to now without looking at the raws) is he’s going to “redeem” himself by saving Flora’s life a few times (instead of reflecting on his stalker behaviour and changing his invasive behaviour) and that’s gonna make Flora fall in love with him.

remember, kids: if you want a girlfriend, it doesn’t matter if you’re a terrible person. just find a pretty girl whose life is constantly in danger and stalk her despite her repeated rejection.

this manga started off as quirky and adorable. i really liked it a lot. now it’s like the author is trying to stuff it full of as many toxic “romance” tropes as they can. it’s such a disappointment.
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@Georg-Prime let’s hope that the people who are okay with oscar’s current behaviour never meet someone like him in real life because they seem poorly equipped to deal with stalking and harassment. as i said, i’ve dealt with them before and i never want it to happen to anyone, especially someone too naive to realise what’s happening.
I'm with you @pyrolynx71 here, doesn't matter if what he did back in their HS days, the way he is with her now is already not okay, and I can't believe some people consider his behaviour fine/cute/romantic/funny just because he isn't physically hurting her, because it's disturbing enough that irl some people act like this (possessive, actual creepy not imaginary magic cute cat creepy, invasive etc), and it just escalates, romanticising it in fiction is seriously fucked up, and so I really hope the author isn't actually going there (doesn't seem like they are, here's hoping).
I thought this was made by a Japanese person, but apparently the artist is Thai!
Tbh I ve seen this manga a couple times in the top rated but always put it of because I thought it was an ecchi manga because the painting looks like she is drawing herself naked and the eyes of the creepy cat I thought were her boobs, like who draws themself naked but now I have never been more wrong and maybe it was just my dirty mind instead lol
For some reason I saw your comment just now.
I'm sure we'll get a decent explaination for everything. Ngl him following Flora is creepy but given that this is a story and far more creepy stuff has happened I'm willing to let it slide.
Besides Oscar doesn't seem to have any ill intentions besides being a tad too obsessive. As DS said you can't judge the raw by their cover.
@Darthskippy I’ve already edited my post to hide the spoilers.

Also, I respect your thoughts of not making judgements until the raws have been translated fully. It’s just that I’m the type to speculate and theorise while waiting to see if I guessed right.

As I have mentioned before, I already disliked oscar even before I found out about the upcoming raws based on his behaviour in previous chapters. He’s intrusive and a stalker who doesn’t consider Flora’s feelings, pursuing her because he wants her even though she has indicated he makes her uncomfortable when he gets too over-bearing. Regardless of what happens in the flashbacks, his current behaviour is disturbing.

1. please use spoiler tag when talking about future story events
2. After that page at the start of the ferries wheel arc where Flora ran off cause she ate spicy food, I decided to not fully believe in what I think shit means until I translate it. I had thought that Oscar seriously angered her and wondered why shit went back to normal next page. That shit kept me up at night thinking.
@practicallyuseful oh, really? because after what Darthskippy said, I had a look at the raws.
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Nah. If anything Oscar was the one getting bullied. I have a feeling
Is the new arc gonna be and now he’s basically stalking her because she’s pretty and that’s all it takes to fall in love with someone? gross. no wonder creepy cat hates him so much. i hope they never get together, but sadly this kind of “love story” is way too common.
This was nice but now it slowly goes nowhere.
@ktendrun Thanks for the detailed explanation. Also if you want to tag me you need to put "@" before my name, otherwise I don't know you posted anything. Lucky for you I keep up to date on the first 24 hours of comments for each page and just every comment for the series itself.
@ktendrun explained it pretty well, but if you want a specific term, the text is called "furigana."