A Dyad of Revenge
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  • Shuang Mian Qian Jin Fu Chou Ji
  • 双面千金复仇记
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Of the dyad of sisters, one lives a life like a rich piece of black gold----- born with status yet perceived unpleasantly in the eyes of others. The other sister is an illegitimate daughter, who leads a rough life. The fate of these two sisters is tied together by the struggle between the great families. Behind the scenes, a pair of sinister hand pushes the two sisters into the gate of death. Unexpectedly, they were reborn again! Together, they open the road to carve a path towards a dyad of revenge.
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Can someone else just pick this up? Because damn. 2months since the last update. Bruh. If y'all go on hiatus or something just let someone else take over
Will thjios ever be updatged ? There's nearly 40 chapter out there !
Blood types are even more complicated than that, as it happens.
Problem when giving blood type A?
Original body had A, so give A blood to A blood person is no problem.
Racheals body has type O.
Type O can be given to almost any blood type.. Wtf is the problem doctors?
Type O can be given to A+, A-, B+, B-, O+ and O-.
The Most problematic blood type would be O- that can only receive blood from other O- people.
@Xestiny @Pocky8
they have mind of a business man. They don't really like to work under someone else other than a family member, so they choose to make their own business even if that aren't profitable at the beginning, Some are not. Well anyway they're really good with numbers. The settings is built around the rich, that's the dreams for them being rich.

Ps: the premise are interesting but I'm too still don't understand with every other setting of being rich all around. When i think about it if those sister are a normal everyday person with normal car that wouldn't happen, the accident.
Thanks for the chapters.
Thanks For Your Hard Work!! Can't Wait For The Next Update!! <3
no offense here, and feel free to correct me if i'm wrong, but i really feel like saying this rn.
my english is mediocre. and i know they're using "dyad" to show significance about the story. but the way it's used in the title and description just feels wrong. they're just making a bunch of people googling "dyad definition"
first off, using it as a title is ok as it helps attract readers. but once it hooks you, don't use the fancy word at the beginning of the description. cuz it's just plain confusing. and it doesn't look like it's grammatically correct (ask the english teacher, i don't know). like, maybe try taking the 'of' away 1st? A Dyad's Revenge or A Dyadic Revenge sounds pretty decent title.
and now to break down the actual title 双面千金复仇记, which is apparently not so attractive.
双面 --- 2 faced, twin faced, double faced (well, u get the meaning)
千金 --- a girl/lady born in a wealthy family so "princess"
复仇记 ---- Revenge log/diaries
thx for reading this bs.
A lot of Chinese are really really rich.
I mean... all the manhua set in modern day China. Why is everyone filthy rich???
Ok i think the sister in jail died and somehow the sister that died in the car crash possessed her body
So is the sister dead who swelled or sharing bodies
I'm confused. Is there such a thing as too much info and not enough info at the same time???
Isn't the prologue spoiling a bit too much of the story? I often skip them if there are a few more chapters and sometimes I need to go back but all in all I prefer it that way