MookHyang - Dark Lady
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  • MookHyang — Dark Lady
  • Мукхян — Дарк Леди
  • 묵향 다크레이디
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As the master of the School of Unholy Arts and as the undefeated Unmasked Demon, MookHyang unfortunately falls to a strange fantasy world by the magic of his enemies (School of Blood Arts). In the new world of elf, sorcerer, knight, and dragon, MookHyang’s adventure of finding a way back to his old world (Murim) unfolds.

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Brazilian Portuguese / Português Brasileiro
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Yep definitely going to be amazing when he regains his memories.
Once he regains his memories... He's going to be so pissed.🤣

I quite like the fact that this chapter didn't drag the events of him learning daily life skills. Seems like it's going to be serious training from the next chapter on. Let's hope the rest of it don't take a lot of chapters and that it's just the right amount of time to convey what the author wants and that he moves on with the rest of the story.

If I had to think of a thing that bothers me, it's that we don't really know where the author wants to go with the story. There don't seem to be a set goal for Dark, he's not even remotely on the way to going back to his own world and when he finally starts to get his power back he becomes powerless once again. It makes the story telling kind of messy at times.
Wow way to ruin a story. I straight up lost all interest. The character was interesting because he was different and had otherworldly power. He clearly had flaws and there was no goddamn reason for the plot change. Trash
HAHAHAHA. One day his memory will return and I'll actually be on the floor laughing. But until that time comes, we shall have to wait, brothers.
Once he regains memory ... hmmm ... HMMMM !! xD
I bet that dragon will have a really painful death once Dark regains his memory XD
I love how people butthurt from the author saying that he is bad but artist is great. Especially considering those high-detailed backgrounds from artist, lol. Probably luck of taste. I personally find him(the author) great. Dark is overpowered, no doubt about it but plot makes this title much higher than your average power fantasy for retards where all characters are dull and MC gets everything he wants with ease. I love to see Dark suffer, not from sadistic point but it's just refreshing to see that amongst all that trash cultivation manga.
@gkdd Nice
Where is it at ? the posted link only had up to 61 and the site found and posted in the comment's for ch 60 only had up to 61 as well.

From the way 61 looks the author really wants to abuse anyone that identifies with the MC

Are you talking about Ch. 61?
Because Ch. 62 is already available in Korean. And I suppose that

The translation is only 1 chapter behind. I can't read Korean but next one looks even worse than this for dark. Who knows maybe in the one after he will be wearing that dress the cat girl maid had for him or be her maid 🤷‍♂️😜😂😅😱
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great artist
horrible author
enjoy the first 1/3rd of the series that is really good and then the trainwreck that proceeds it
The art is as amazing as **Trinity Wonder** but the writing is far worse than it... (Dropped at chapter 60) The writer is simply trying to see how low they can go before either their editor tells them to stop or the readers stop reading this garbage. But nothing is going to change...
poor guy cant catch a breath always goes from one shitty situation to the next
Will I ever get to see the rest of the chapters here at Mangadex?

I'm so lazy to check the other manga streaming sites
@Intelpldtdell you're so right. Ah, I wish in other manga characters where that good. I scrolled through a few titles in martial art world with strong leads but it's just not it. All trash.
wait... the gender swap is now the main focus?... and into the annoying side character of all things...
I love this story its well written. It really feels likr the characters are alive and think fkr themselves
@UnknownSaint111 heyhey, why do they have to be masculine? Like lol, I do really enjoy them being male but I don't mind them being female either - also I don't think it ruined it for everyone as you say.
The only thing i find disappointing is him/her being weak asfk. Wish the character would get strong again soon because i think that's what made the webtoon fun (and well the great art)
I really loved this manhwa up till moment when he/she decaide to join kratoes kingdom or how you call it. Which in my opinion just fkced this manhwa and rate from nice 8 when down to 2 for me. Cause come on MC was OP cool I am ok with it but he was as well strong headed, so when he actually joined kingdom it look like he become mentally weak which I hate, anyway we will see what will happen now still joining enemies pissed me so badly that I am not goning to change 2 stars rate until he fix his weak ass mentality and kill all these fckers
WTH happened to English chapters