One Piece Japanese
Alt name(s):
  • Đảo Hải Tặc
  • Wan Pīsu
  • Ван Пис
  • ون بيس
  • ワンピース
  • 9.31
  • 9.35
  • 870
Pub. status:
  • 519,155
  • 9,658
  • 4,510
Gol D. Roger, a man referred to as the "Pirate King," is set to be executed by the World Government. But just before his demise, he confirms the existence of a great treasure, One Piece, located somewhere within the vast ocean known as the Grand Line. Announcing that One Piece can be claimed by anyone worthy enough to reach it, the Pirate King is executed and the Great Age of Pirates begins.

Twenty-two years later, a young man by the name of Monkey D. Luffy is ready to embark on his own adventure, searching for One Piece and striving to become the new Pirate King. Armed with just a straw hat, a small boat, and an elastic body, he sets out on a fantastic journey to gather his own crew and a worthy ship that will take them across the Grand Line to claim the greatest status on the high seas.
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y so much waste this series should have been complete by now no fight should be longer then 5 episode of anime tops andonly for big bosses
bad enough there is filler still not beat the 4

FEAR St. Elmo's Fire 😎
This manga is on break 50% of the time.. Annoying.
whyre there missing chapters? :<
@daywithoutgames: Because your tastes are not the be-all-end-all of manga. Don't like it? Don't read it! Some of us like to read it not for how it ends but for the journey towards it. Clearly, that's not your cuppa. You seem to have a preference for 1980's style manga with almost no plot ("Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Koen-mae Hashutsujo" is a Slice of Life manga, after all) and stuff like that is crap to some readers because there's no progress whatsoever; just nonsense. Further proof that just because it's something you like, it doesn't make it good. Vice versa for other readers in all fairness.

To answer your question, One Piece was just a rumor for the first half, but shortly before Part 1 ended (pre-timeskip), One Piece was not only solidly confirmed, but they know where it's located at now. Luffy became a no-name pirate and is now on equal footing with the top 4 pirate emperors in the world. His goal is to defeat them all, including his arch-nemesis, to stand at the peak of being the strongest pirate as he inches closer to the island where One Piece is. He already defeated one and is currently dealing with the second one.

Another thing to note is that Luffy doesn't actually care about One Piece. He just wants to be Pirate King and One Piece is just an ends to that mean. His desire is for freedom and adventure on the seas. He even had the chance to find out what One Piece was but refused, saying he'd quit being a pirate if he knew before he saw it for himself because he doesn't want a boring result like that. That's the point of the manga: Screw where you're going, just enjoy the trip there, or as the old saying goes "Stop and smell the roses." That's exactly how this manga rolls and what Luffy is doing.
I dropped this crappy manga after only a few chapters , now I just want to ask : does Monkey D!ck aka The Condom Brat ( he can stretch his body like a used condom , lol ) ever found the one piece ? If he doesnt , then they should change this manga's name to None Piece , or One Piece of Fece ( sh!t ) , lol .

I dont understand why some people translate craps from shonen jump like black clover , naruto , one piece of fece , haikyu , psi-nan , shokugeki soma , zero academia . But no one translates the best shonen jump's manga : Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Koen-mae Hashutsujo .
@crochetcocoking: Eh...not sure it counts. Typically the main cast gets caught up on it and there's a way back. In this case, it was a one-way trip to Luffy's era just to get revenge.

@cops346: They ask for a week in advance to keep it on their site first (mainly for publicity purposes since a lot of hard work went into it scanlating, cleaning, proper translating, etc.) and after a week is up the other sites, like here can distribute it. Think of it like membership access without having to sign up for a membership. Considering all the other manga flying around, waiting an extra week is not that big a deal.
may I know why the group's delay policy for latest chapter(s) takes very long?
oh god why?? I thought I would be safe frm godamn time travel but even One Piece wasn't spared!!
Seriously, why hasn't this ended? I just want Luffy to find the one piece damit!
Please upload missing chapters in English ?
rip my follows page lmao
was a chapter/s removed?...
Thanks for uploading!!
that sliced mochi slam was f raw
where's the chapter?
Best manga ever. Period.
ANNOUNCEMENT: The colored series has been fully uploaded and has the chapters from 1 all the way to 752. Use it to catch up:
v What?
it's so frustrating what this will get blocked, it's not like people will buy manga from other part of the world, they will just give up on the series and move on