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As the Kingdom of Elpasa fell before the blade of the Empire's greatest hero, in order to survive, Princess Beatrice assumed the guise of 'Chloe', a slave. But then, she caught the eye of that very same hero...
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I hate the ML, just look at him that brat >_<
needs more ML nipples.
I really like FL, but the fact that ML sucks and 95% of the male cast too, makes it so hard to read this, I wish this was a just a history of FL's journey.
@Crimsonrose19 holy hell.
thank you so much, IDK why every chapter of this made my heart hurts
They actually tone it down a lot. I saw Korean comments saying that the original novel was worse. The part where the guy was gonna brand the main protagonist was to mark her as a sex slave and as for Princess Alicia, she was stripped and raped by the soldiers before being stabbed to death. They also said it contained many violent stuff..
@koukazu I'm agree. I just want to slap him😤
So he let her in and changed his mind? Such an irresponsible staff
Thank you for the update!
Well if you're gonna go that far to defend that princess, go ahead. She's still a cardboard villain until the very end and is very typical for these types of stories. You really should not expect much. Nobility like that dying is not something I'll sympathize with anytime soon. Her death was much like everyone else dying so whatever.

If anything, I'll recommend you another type of story that might interest you that does the villainess character better. Try reading: The Villainess Reverses the Hourglass on novel updates. The main character there was originally a villainess and comes back even more vengeful but smarter. I think you'll like her.
@penguinslovesnow by joffery I meant the Male lead, Since he and his friends love massacring innocent people and humiliating women. And he of course will be redeemed even if he ate babies since hes the Male lead. But compared to him all she did was be a bitch. So that why I said shes a saint compared to half the characters in this. I meet people like her everyday. Dosent mean they deserve to have there clothes ripped, threatened of gang rape and then killed while there bodies he pit on display

>She literally had such little panel time and what has been shown is her as nothing but arrogant and spoiled. The typical villianess character. She was meant to be disliked and died unredeemingly. She is literally like any other spoiled rich noble character meant for fodder material. 

And that's why I'm pissed at her death. She could have had great development but no she had to be killed off quickly to show how cruel and cold hearted dickface is. I also think using cannon folders is a sign of a weak writer anyway since theyd rather kill of annoyances then take the time developing them but whatev
She literally had such little panel time and what has been shown is her as nothing but arrogant and spoiled. The typical villianess character. She was meant to be disliked and died unredeemingly. She is literally like any other spoiled rich noble character meant for fodder material. And using joffrey is such a low bar to clear to even imply her being able to redeem herself. Like really?
@penguinslovesnow why is it anyone's responsibility to marry an abusive price of shit. You're putting the blame on the wrong people instead of the people who deserve the blame. Like the abusive husband the piece of shit ML who hangs with rapists and her father. Yea sure she was spoiled and selfish, but she was raised like that. No one is being a bad person

She hid? Well 99 percent of people would. People arent heroes most of the time

We dont know how shed develop as a character in a different situation.

So to write her off as selfish and says she deserves it is unfair especially since people dont stay the same way throughout there life. And no one deserves to be humiliated like that and killed

And I disagree with nothing about her being redeeming. So far she hasnt killed anyone innocent (unlike the Joffrey over here) or raped anyone like his friends. Shes a saint compared to most characters in the novel and it's a big pity she was killed off.

I saw potential with her becoming humble learning why she was wrong and becoming friends with the MC (since they are half sisters) . But no we cant have that. Only doormats can exist who save mr wife beater through power of love and patience
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Nah, it's also her fault. Those two princesses were born in privilege and wealth and it's their responsibility to marry that shit of a husband, not the main character. You even have the image of that princess, who's known to be prideful and arrogant, smirking at the main character's misfortune too. She shoved off her responsibility to the main character who bore the brunt of that shitty husbands physical and mental abuse for two years. And she did nothing to help her. She also ran off and hid herself while everyone else was being slaughtered and was finally caught in the end. There's nothing about her that is redeeming, she isn't at all deserving of the rank of nobility, and I have no idea why you still defend her. Characters like that will throw anyone under the bus to get what they want, selfish and spoiled to the end.
@penguinslovesnow thats her fathers fault not hers. She dosent have the power to bestows marriages

And I dont think being a bitch is a reason to deseve death She still spit in his face so shes good in my books
Nah, I didn't feel much sympathy for her dying. She's the main reason why the main character was forced to marry that shitty husband of hers. Put that princess in a different setting, and she'd be ridiculing the main character, sitting pretty and rich and spoiled. She hid while everyone else was hunted down and murdered too (opposite of main character who stood in defense of her maids) so good riddance to her.
@Archomp shes too good for that world. Women with backbone arent allowed to exist thete so the world had to purge her
Can we have the blonde princess who spat on the knight's face back plz?
Thank you for updating! This is sooo goooooddd 💜💜💜😻
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i miss the girl that spat in the male lead's face, she was great.

speaking of which, the only good point the male lead has is his magnificent tits