The Immortal Doctor
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  • Perspective of Immortal Doctor
  • the divine doctor
  • Бессмертный доктор
  • Божественный доктор
  • 透视仙医
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Tang Qian, a college student, bumped his head into a red hearth while helping an owner in an antique shop. Since then, he has a strange ability. There is always an old man in his brain talking, and whenever he sees a patient, he will say the illness and the prescription brought people back to life.
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I read a lot of Chinese Stories and all that but when I read this.
This makes me want to drop it. 17 chapters in.
He is called a immortal Doctor. But as of chapter 17 still don't see anything relating to him being a doctor.
Just from the name we could tell it's chinese crap.
TL is meh... I found interesting in story, while other manhua always have arrogance mc, this is an exception.
Standard for immortals are dropping these days 🤣
its pretty good but the english (if u can even call it that) is atrocious
Me: sees the words "immortal" "cultivation" or jumble of words that sometimes doesnt make sense .

Me: ah its chinese.
thanks for your hard work.
i hope you can update perspective immortal doctor.
so whats up with the chapter numbers? going from 1 then 2 then 1 again and another 1 then 2 then 0 then 1? is that suposed to be like that or did someone fuck up the order and way to many translator?
God, between the translation of the story and the description we've got some high quality Engrish on our hands.
Has potential if translation is good
This story looks like it might be a good read - but - PLEASE translator person - can we assist with proofreading this for you? There are some things that do not "work" in this translation - I'd be more than happy to try and assist you with this - if you can explain the context of the speech bubble, I'll do my best to help things make sense in english. eg. going from "are you hungry" to "no I'm not angry" does not make sense :(
You don't need to be first to translate and publish - you need to be most accurate if your going to want people to keep reading :)
Idk about you. But I'm glad it's not in English. At least I won't have a stroke judging from that description
English please