If My Wife Became an Elementary School Student
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  • Tsuma, Shougakusei ni Naru.
  • 妻、小学生になる。
  • 아내, 초등학생이 되다.
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The trials and tribulations of a single father, who one day meets the reincarnation of his deceased wife, who perished a decade before.

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    ngl, I think Marika's mum is more of a misunderstood character than an antagonist
    Like, she even thought about having a family and what it would feel like if it actually went smoothly
    Her so called "Violence" was basically her trying to relief her own pain
    As you can see, her own daughter's body didn't have any proof of receiving any physical violence from anyone
    And also, she seemed more like a really strict woman than an actual child abuser
    Disclaimer: This is my own thought about Marika's family conflict (Takae = Her identity as a middle-aged woman, Marika = Her identity as the elementary school child)
    Can someone tell me where I can find the raws?
    This better have a happy ending, I swear to god.
    The mother is clearly hurting from the divorce from being cheated on and is avoiding the second MC(Her daughter) but I wonder if she is a sense of looking for comfort, security, and actual sincerity will fall for or go after our Mr. MC.
    @Flupser I agree with you at the end that this story truly about the reunion of a lost family member but shutting yourself off some Genere or themes is kinda bad cuz there so many different kind of loli story not about the fapsevice there are some what similar stuff like this story that are about love stores or even very simple, fluffy and chill ones. just keep in mind there not all same perverted sh*t. that why the loli gets a bad rep cuz of so called Fan serves when there are diamond in the rough that are just as fluffy and pure as any one out there

    For example

    but all of these are just my two cents and what is your opnions is yours

    P.S. why block yuri? is actually really beautiful
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    @Ooferdoofer i can understand you and i totally dislike those animes / mangas as well and am using the filter of mangadex to not let them show up(Yaoi/Yuri/Shounen Ai/Magical Girls/Lolita ... im blocking all of that bullshit). Im not even a fan of the japanese exscessive use of fanservice(Ecchi shit like highschool DxD can also go to hell) . I do not need to know the color of the underwear every girl in a manga or anime is wearing nor do i need to see their underwear every 5 seconds. Highschool of the Dead for example, had lots of potential but got ruined with perverted bullshit. I guess the only loli i would ever accept myself would be Rory Mercury the grim reaper lol but she is a gothic lolita and a over 900 year old demi god and about to ascend to godhood dunno if she counts as fap material for all the crazy bastards out there. Anyway i gave this manga a try and there is really no perverted stuff or a situation which makes it awkward to read, where you might think what the fuck am i reading here? for now its truly about the reunion of a lost family member and how the reincarnator copes with her current situation
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    I can't tell if the volume 4 cover is crying or ahegao. Either way, it's bad.
    Just came here to comment on the weird pedo shit that has been going on with the anime community. Lolis and all the fucked up hentai. Stop putting lolis in harems unless they're actually of age, meaning they aren't really lolis! Also stop with the weird fucking porn man that shit makes my weiner go down faster then incest porn. Cya~!

    No worries 😀
    Honestly, I don't know where to find them either. Sorry.
    @legionguy49 can you tell me where to find raws for volume 4. I can’t find them anywhere
    Hard to say since the scantalations have only passed the 2nd volume and I refuse to read the raws for spoilers, but man looking at that cover says something does happen.
    @LegionGuy49 Uh oh, don't tell me something happened to them..😭
    The 4th volume cover does not bode well for the future.
    nah i did bring it up because lolibaba are technically legal unlike loli unless you were related to them it's fair game
    This story just too cute. Their love is so pure. I love it
    Eh, I still feel like she crosses the lolibaba line because of her mind but I get your point. It would be fine to call her a loli. Why did you bring up the legality, I didn't even mention it? Was it because of the titles of the doujins?
    she started as baby therefore she count as a loli since if he noticed her when she was born he wouldn't try to act in sexual manner with her like what kind of mess up human would do it with a newborn or 1 year old kid
    heck even Conan from Detective Conan count as illegal until he turn again into his adult form when he can kiss his girlfriend freely
    there are two thing that allow that allow someone to count as legal and they are the ability to make sex hormones and being alive for 18 years since the day of birth
    I hope Keisuke and Takae end up together again.