Mofumofu to Isekai Slow Life o Mezashimasu!
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  • Apprentier; or, Life in the Woods with Familiar Spirits
  • I aim for slow life while producing fumofuto!
  • もふもふと異世界でスローライフを目指します!
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The place where the overworked adolescent man was dropped was a different world.
Having been turned into a boy Arito, while playing with monsters, he is led by the old elven man Orst and becomes familiar with the life of the magical forest.

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    I'm surprised its rated so low. yea, its a slow and light but its cute.
    really light and fluffy; super nice for turning your brain off to. theres pretty much less conflict than doraemon, and the author is pretty bad at writing conflict too, but y'know what im not even gonna hide it: im 100% just reading this for the art lmao;; the text is gliding off my brain like oil on water. i wonder when actual info about the fallen comes up. just glad there isnt romance, though the elf bow lady (forgot her name) is making me worry a tiny bit.
    I want more fluffy creatures. Thank god that bunny with multiple tails appears regularly.

    Edit: i want fluffy pets too, but too bad i am allergic to fluffy ones. I don't care if the manga is trash... As long as i can see the fluffy being petted and brush... I want to brush a wolf too 😢
    If you want an epic amount of BLENDNESS this trash manga is your pick, it has:
    1) Zero drama
    2) Zero conflict
    3) Zero character development
    4) Zero plot
    5) Zero World building
    6) Zero Romance
    7) Zero everything else

    It literally has absolutely nothing except for a good drawing, MC is so blend, boring and retarded you would wanna kill him in every chapter, he supposedly an adult 30years old at least, but will behave like a braindead child of 7.
    I want to pet snow so badly, so fluffy!
    wow mc is a naive heartless and cowardly idiot
    the fluffy-ness is quite healing however the mc's pacifism borders on stupidity born of typical ostrich behaviour and seems more like an obsession than a choice
    My god the author writes Arito like a dumbass. He's about to be kidnapped but captures his attackers and just releases them back in the wild with only a scolding, free to kidnap more children for more pedo nobles. Absolute disgrace of a chapter.
    @Leonkristoffer even in previous chapters he didn't do anything to a noble kid and his goons that targeted him (only scared him a little). Now as you said instead questioning bandits as to who ordered his kidnapping he let them go and even reveled gramps location. He is stupid as F., there are no other words to describe MC's behavior. I'm removing 2 stars for this chapter. This manga had potential, but if this continues then I'm dropping it.
    This is a really good manga, but the Author makes questionable decisions on how the human mind works, the most noticeable chapter this can be seen is chapter 17 where Arito is about to be kidnapped and sold to a pedophile old noble. None of the kidnappers gets injured, none of them dies, and instead they walk away knowing that gramps is alive AND where he lives, despite living in seclusion from the rest of the world, that is HUGE news and HIGLY classified information that 21-22 people are now free to sell or spread to the world. But I don't believe the author has the writing skills to contribute this to the story, so this chapter essentially served no purpose to the plot of the story.
    Damn it, the raws are 2 chapters ahead and I need more
    I like it a lot. Although I'm still kinda confused if she just acts, has a twin or a second personality.
    I know this is a chill story and i really like the flow but can the author please stop teasing some big conflict and then just give us lukewarm events. The author made it look like arito will be kidnapped or detained or something but it just came out to be nothing

    Edit: finally some more progress on what's happening! Ofc it comes out as a cliffhanger(damn u author u such a tease) but at least we have more details on some of the characters. Looking forward for more story!
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    Chill story, great art style. Overall pretty great
    This is such a relaxing story.
    ah, it's shounen, of course our supposedly adult protagonist act like naive teenager.
    this is actually comfy read
    This is good.
    Old man Orst is the only one living a slow life lmao
    Wished the story went a bit faster but still good pace. Also, I still don't get why the main character, an adult male from another world, acts like a naive kid.
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    I hope there will be more update... thank you! 😊