A Red Rose Devoted to You
Alt name(s):
  • Anata Ni Ageru Akai Bara
  • あなたに捧げる赤い薔薇
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  • 169,019
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Even if it's denied, even if it's misunderstood, that's okay because that is my love for that person.

The hated Ophelia, the young Duke Rosenstein's wife, is rumored to be a domineering woman and a huge spender. Yet all that is a ruse to fake her dedication to her husband. After their marriage, Ophelia soon realizes that Orpheus has a lover. In order to cleanly divorce him, she continues to act out her ruse.

Ophelia wants to quickly separate from her marriage while on the other hand, Orpheus refuses to let her go...?

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At this point I'm only reading this cause all their misunderstandings are hilarious
tho at the same time it's giving me headache😂
This shit deserves a 1 star rating for the lazy 'misunderstandings galore' storyline it got going.
Every character gives me a headache, as far as the story goes. If only they could sit together in one room and actually TALK. Smh.
I like where this is going 😁
Wow. They all be. Dumb as rocks.
....gdi ophelia please ( º言º)
opheus you're too timiddd aarghhhh i want to slap someone soooo baaddddddd
I am so done with this dumb girl. Overthinking. Overthinking.
this story makes no sense whatsoever. She ignores everything they say to her and even though she misunderstands a lot HOW can you misunderstand this? lol.
Like the art is nice anddddd I totally would read this just for the drama because nothing else but drama exists. I dont even see a story.
(And they look so much like siblings in the cover..eeehh)
I'm tired of this shit.. Ophelia just have selective hearing.. She just want to hear what she wants to hear and deny more reality.. and what I hate the most is how every character in this act as if they'd know each other and then forming this delusional situation.. Only Diana got the gist of everyone's behavior..
Also, the story is good. Like really good. So good I started reading all of the translated web novel that has been translated thus far, and unable to live with my addiction and obsession, I put the rest through google translate. The plot goes somewhere, the art is beautiful, and the characters really are lovable once you get to know them a bit more.
I love self-sacrificing self torture for the sake of love in a romance. There is really nothing more beautiful then a tragic love story. If only it had a tragic ending too... Sigh. Love it though, and thank you for your hard work.❤️
i am enjoying this but lmao it's so dramatic that it's actually hilarious im sorry
Being attached to the story is good, but in my case it's not and I'm hooked of this story cause I try not to. I'm enjoying as much as the protagonist keeps on increasing the drama!!! And I even hope that she will have her divorce, then enjoy a countryside life as a single woman forever.😂
i am so sick of this, i am honestly done with this bullshit. DO THEY NOT KNOW WHAT COMMUNICATION IS?
Well...the misunderstanding just got bigger...
I MEAN, this whole thing is just a big misunderstanding.
The dramatic irony of the story makes it very, very hard to enjoy this manga and I'm unable to sympathize with any of the characters. I disagree with the female lead's actions so much that it almost infuriates me, and the male lead's inability to express his feelings is downright frustrating. Everyone is emotional, but no one is being smart about demonstrating it through their actions (or words!!!) But if you lower your expectations and try to read the story with an emotionally detached mind, then it's not too bad.
I'm really trying to hang on. But this is just fing stupid. Let the women, Both, either, but he can't have both.
everyone is sooooo stupiiiiddd
This is getting annoying