Koryuu Nara Sude de Taosemasu Kedo, Kore tte Joushiki Janain Desu ka?
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  • I can defeat an old dragon with my bare hands. It’s usually like this, isn’t it?
  • 古竜なら素手で倒せますけど、これって常識じゃないんですか?
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Fil was picked up and raised by the [Great Sage], who once saved the world.

Fil, who was raised as the grandchild of humanity’s strongest great sage, inherited his talent, worked magic without chanting spells, and defeated dragons with his bare hands.

However, one day, the great sage summoned his grandchild and told him:

“Fil, I was silent so far, but you’re a [female].”

Seriously!? By the way, what’s a female?

Fil’s general knowledge didn’t even contain gender. The great sage, who was concerned about his grandchild’s future, decided to enroll Fil into the Royal Institute.
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Generic naive op mc cringe.
So far this is the least enjoyable of the op mc mangas I have read by LH Translation. Not that it is a bad manga, I just find that it is lacking something that actually makes me want to keep reading it. Of the chapters that are released here, I would give it a solid 6/10 or 7/10. Okay manga with an overly generic theme and an unrelatable mc.

On a side note, shouldn't this have the loli tag on it?
yeah i’m p. close to dropping it.
It's light-hearted and fairly bland.
Poor Goblins
Why? From the synopsis alone this is basically Kenja no Mago except that probably came first so this one doesn't even get any credit.

Well anyway, are the characters good? The reason I still like Kenja no Mago despite how generic it is is because it has loveable characters. Ratings are terrible tho so I'm not expecting a good answer.
The flow of manga is a bit off. It starts immediately with showing off how "sasuga" main character is without bothering establishing, well, anything to be frank. I mean, OK, maybe you want to avoid exposition or too long of an intro, but are we supposed to admire how great and powerful main character is before we know anything about the world, it's people or even protagonist's character?
Kinda trash but it's the right kind of trash
This manga is very 7 - average but not awful. Terribly generic though
What a comic. It might be the only one I've found where the rating is actually close to what it says, 6 being "Fine."

This thing is odd, because the artists are better than the writer. It'd come off better if it was a 4-koma, which is how it is paced.
So there is another one who uses Thao Bai Bais movement method... wow XD
you’ve read a story with this exact concept and very similar execution at least once.
@Ferrenia We'll create the Loli Cinematic Universe /s
...so good!...

I need more of this...
Hmm... Dumbulf...? Is that you?
Maybe here is the one that looked as the character
Me like this
Art can use some improvement but overall its good
i hate it when characters with personality just up and accept participating in overbearing noble politeness.
It is known,

the more OP your are, the less Common Sense you have.

IE: the stronger you get, the stupider you become.

Just look at all the hyper dense OP MCs everywhere that can destroy things with one punch, yet can't figure out simple things.
I didn't read but well...