Maseki Gurume: Mamono no Chikara o Tabeta Ore wa Saikyou!
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  • Magic Gems Gourmet
  • maseki gurume: mamono no chikara wo tabeta ore ha saikyou!
  • Поедая магические камни, я становлюсь сильнее!
  • 魔石グルメ ~魔物の力を食べたオレは最強!~
  • 魔石グルメ 魔物の力を食べたオレは最強!
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In this world, It's only me who can get stronger by eating Magic Stones! At one point, I received an offer to have a smooth life reincarnation from the Goddess-sama... But the skill I got as a prize is Toxins Decomposition EX. Ugh, what a plain skill! It's so pitiful that even my own family makes fun of me... However, one day I realized that because of the effect of this skill, I can eat and gain power from Magic Stones! I've also been notified that I'm the prince from a neighboring country!? What awaits me in the castle are days of experimenting with Magic Stones and training, the perfect environment for me to become the strongest man there is... And to top it off, I received the Magic Stone of Dullahan! The story of a boy on the path to becoming a King while being chased by an assertive fiancee and Female Knights starts here!

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Chisato Naruse (light novel illustrator): @naruti06

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    guys the lastest raw says gis name is Dill Glacier 🥰
    8/10 must be an amazing isekai
    Can't really fault his "father" for not treating him well.

    Anyway, all said and done the MC wasn't hated, abused or ignored by his "dad", I predict some conflict in the future with his "brother".
    Pretty nice start so far. Some interesting different views from other Isekai. It's at least worth a read so far already.

    i'm interested to see how it continues
    Pretty alright isekai. Its not ground breaking pulitzer prize work as some expects from reading kids comics but if you want underdog story then this could work. As long as you can get over the fact that the isekai aspect of this barely affects the world like how it usually is with isekai stories atm. But otherwise a good filler for your main manga that you follow.
    Good isekai, worth a read.

    Above average isekai
    This manga is my guilty pleasure. It's better than the average isekai. Is it the best? No way. But there's too many bad isekai's out there. Compared to those series, Maseki Gurume is okay. The character isn't an idiot or a douche like many other isekai protagonists. The story is okay, from what I've heard it gets better. Too bad that the translation is slow both manga and light novel...
    This stinks
    This cured my erectile dysfunction, but at the price of getting cancer. 1/10 it has a little something for everyone, would bleach my eyes.
    Great, add harem tag and get this disgusting filth out of my sight
    @ramenos that's a minor spoiler right, 200 chapters of wn, Now I'm regretting choosing french instead of Japanese.

    Mod Note: Please use spoiler tags when talking about chapter-specific or future events.
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    @ramenos they didn't explain that in the manga, what is that Crystal btw, But istalicas childbirth is like gacha game so, it might be possible for him to be pure, and on top of that he is more like a clone of his mother.
    @JBBJSBB He is half. He was created using the ceystal from the goddess that was given to her mother.
    @ramenos but, manga explained in chapter 7 that, "Dryads can only have a relationship with one person, for their whole life. Moreover, they must share their life with that person".
    This is a harem, but it is a slice of life so it would take a while before the harem and polygamy happens. And when I say a while it could take more than a 100 chapters.
    Last edited 2 mo ago by ramenos.
    The manga can be really hard to follow without context from the novel...
    In novel updates says it's harem and has polygamy tag, polygamy can act for the mc and for other characters but I think that this will go harem.
    Dont think this is a harem tag. If any maybe incest lol