A Boy's Scar
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  • Shounen no Ato
  • 少年の痕
  • 少年之痕
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Suzuka and Fuusuke live in a snowy village. Both having lost their "Beloved", it is "Blood" that connects them—. Drawn by a talented newcomer, comes a tale of two in dissonance.

A woman bad with kids, and a boy bad with people, find themselves living together after losing their "Beloved". Living out in the boonies in a snow-covered village, they only have each other to hold on to in their comisery, despite the friction between them. And when the boy, Fuusuke, asks Suzuka for "Blood"...

Portuguese (BR) / Português (BR)
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When will the last 4 chapters be translated :(
After reading the Spanish translations because I'm impatient and I can luckily read Spanish here's what I can make out happens in the last 3 chapters. !Spoilers Ahead!
Raw works were deleted from the website

What the hell happened?
w h y d o e s i t s a y c h a p t e r 20 i s t h e e n d : (
We're waiting mr/ms translator
Nah it's not shota geez what kind of things you have in your mind
Why are y'll saying this is shota IT'S NOT their relationship is wholesome why are y'll ruining it
4 more chapters. i dont like this because shota piss me off but its ok kinda wanna know who the kids dad is
Missing Shota tag </3
Two flawed characters doing their best to live together. I love it.
It's pretty good.
I didn't cry, maybe you cried. how about that huh.
Yay, thank you for an update! Gotta read it now
oh no that guys- don't tell me he's-!? no way!!!!
thank you so much for the chapter updates! gosh the last one is like a sucker punch to the stomach, it left me wheezing D:
OMG FINALLY AN UPDATE THANK YOU!!! Can't wait for the next one!
@argotha I'm totally agreeing with you on the food thing ahaha ! Despite that they're many moments where Fuusuke doesn't seems to care about his secret. I know that he's scared but he's seeing that she does everything she can I think he should show more that he doesn't want here to leave. I didn't say it wasn't an unrealistic reaction but he truly just be mean with Suzuka for no reason ? Like say thank you once in a while ! He know that he can and he know that it's a thing that can help her do more for him.

Yet I'm alright with everything you said maybe i'm over-reacting but he still somewhat piss me off sometimes.
@raidaaaan children that lost thei parents at young age will always be like this. And it takes lot of time for them to cope with loss. And he is different, even he knows it and he is, probably, scared that if someone will learn abot his secret something bad will happen, that's why he doesnt trust anyone. Fear is powerful thing, even strongest people can lose to it and we talking about eight year old kid whose only fault that he is different.
I understand both of them. Suzuka tries her best to become closer to Fuusuke and she loses her tamper because she doesnt have (yet) maternal instinct, but she is somewhat dumb. Why she didnt added some blood in boy's food if its only thing that have a taste for him? And Fuusuke doesnt trust anyone, he cant trust anyone with his, unknown to anyone, condition. He evades other kids in school because he fears that he can lose control bite them. I dont think that even his grandparents know about his condition. He hugs suffed frog so hard because he is scared of the world around him.
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The art's really good and the story is calming my lonely depression
How can you find this kid adorable ?? We can't hate because of the traumatic experiences he's going through but he don't try to be better at all. The girl is awesome, the story's cute and well drawn but heck this kiddo doin' ? Be a lil grateful at least...
I love this so much I read all 12 chapters in 40 mins , legit worth it
So it's about a lesbian and her lover's kid?