Ivy King
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  • Tsutao
  • Tsutaou
  • ่”ฆ็Ž‹
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Nozaki Sumire is a little bit "dry" for a high school student, but the truth is that she's just bad at relationships. Suddenly, a huge explosion occurred and she's engulfed in a fire!

All of a sudden, she appears in front of a good-looking man with silver hair and purple eyes! Is this the identity of Gladitoria's former emperor?! (Or- What is the identity of the silver-haired man?!) Furthermore, the mysterious sentient ivy serving him. In the cruel emperor's era. A love story revolving around two people in a gentle fantasy world!

Original Web Novel

Nozaki Sumire está na "seca" para uma estudante do ensino médio, mas a verdade é que ela é simplesmente ruim em ter relacionamentos. Do nada, uma grande explosão aconteceu e ela foi engolida por fogo! Do nada, ela aparece em frente à um homem bonito com cabelos prateados e olhos roxos! Seria essa a identidade do antigo Imperador de Gladitora?! (Ou- Qual seria a identidade desse homem com cabelos prateados?!) Além disso, a misteriosa hera servindo ele. Na era do Imperador Cruel, uma história de amor envolvendo duas pessoas em um agradável mundo de fantasia!
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Personally it’s not as bad as people make it out for me. I was expecting something a lot worst. There is some pacing issues and the last chapter is really abrupt with attempting to wrap everything up in one go.
I do find myself coming back to this often because of the art style and some of the more humorous moments. I see a lot of potential in this but it’s poorly executed
The MC is a slut and the story isn't creative or original in the slighest.

I made it to chapter 3 when I began regretting reading this cringe, shit manga

I checked out the author and it's a female who constructed the story. No wonder it's cringe + she has never done any other works from what I saw on MAL. I've only seen a few females that can actually make good romances.

Kill me

i feel like this story had the strangest pacing and ended super abruptly.
Should have just made this into hentai
Adorable series. Very cute characters. Beautiful job in English translate. Makes me wish I could read Japanese. I would totally buy this Novel.
Not worth the read
Don't be so mad, guys. ML is just a simple old man that wants to bone.
WTf?! Why on;y 7 chapters?! Where is more?!
What?! Thats it?!
holy shit this is the blandest and dumbest isekai ever lol
This is my first time to read a bland isekai... Like read Cinderella that suddenly skip from her Mother's abuse scene to her wedding with the Prince without any proper explanation ๐Ÿ˜‘
wow this isekai manga was bland and boring
would it be possible to add a tag or a category for promotional manga?
was this a complete adaption of the novel or just part of it?
Wow these characters are not believable at all.

@Lorraine Right!?
It's as though the author had this fantasy in their head and every time they continued it in their head they made slight changes or added details here and there - so when they finally decided to write it down they had no clue how to put everything they had thought up on paper and so we end up with this weird story about characters with undisclosed history acting on their feelings... although non of their emotions come across....
That’s sweet...
This manga really waste my time
Warning: Promo Manga.
Argh so to know more we have to read the novel??? ๐Ÿ˜‘