Adachi to Shimamura
Alt name(s):
  • Adachi and Shimamura
  • Адачи и Шимамура
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  • 8.64
  • 166
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  • 67,776
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In the middle of the school day, on the second floor of the gym.
This is where the two came to skip class, and it's where their friendship began.
A story of two high school girls, playing ping-pong and chatting as they spend the heydays of their youth.
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sort of can't believe what i'm seeing in the thread here. i ended up dropping the other version but i get why some would like that over this; it seemed like a more straightforward retelling of a novel. and i would probably enjoy the book if i'd read it? the writing wasn't an issue, it was the 4-panel presentation which, for me, just killed any sense of rhythm that could have been had from the dialogue. (it'd actually have been a better experience if it were just the words with no art - like, a book, you know, lol)

but like, people are saying THIS is 'rushed' pacing? if i had read it without the knowledge that it was a book adaptation i would just think it had a standard shoujo ai plot structure. you gotta be able to judge it by its own. like, this is what's average, it's that the other one was unconventionally paced like a novel

also... i don't wanna use the O word here, it has a bad rep. but the art here is objectively more detailed and thought out than the old ver. maybe that doesn't mean better but you really can't criticize it for having art that has more put into it
Personally prefer the slow burn of the other adaptation over this version. Feels like someone said "the other version has too much stuff, cut out everything that isn't immediate yuri"
The novel is pretty good, I recommend it.
@skrtdab123 Chapter 4 page 3, at the very top of the page.
I want Mani's version back!

@tcof I absolutely agree with you!
wait it’s getting an anime?
I'm glad this series is getting an anime, cause I actually like it.
the other manga is better. It actually capable of storytelling.

It have actual development and introduce the character to each other from stranger. and by that, readers can see how thing get closer for them (and i just talking about chapter 1 alone). while this just skip and they touching, hold hand. i just see there are two gal already inner monologues gay for the other. no build up whatsoever
This version is too much drama and boring. Why they cancelled the prev version to make such a poor story like this?!
Yuri stuff with good art never fails to turn my engine on
I like both
ITT hipsters (kidding)

I don't get so bored reading this one, so I'll say this one's better. Maybe some people enjoyed the monologues (I did, but not as much as some probably) but it may have put others off it instead.

The art is a more recent style, whereas the old one made everyone wide-eyed all the time, which was a bit weird.

There's no needless filling-out for the 4koma format either, which lets a few scenes feel shorter or longer and more appropriately paced.
@LittleSisterLover Except in art style, this one pretty much nails it.
Yea...the other one seemed superior in just about every way...
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I don't really know about this, but I do know the other manga has a much better artstyle, this one looks childish.
@Lilliwyt Oh man.. I already grew love to the other one's art! That's really shame...
Yuri genre?
I mean, it's not like the firsts chapters are really needed, even more if they get rid of Yashiro. Both Shimamura's friends can be introduced later.
I do think that the artist is just wanting to create a bridge to the older adaptation. I don't really mind the fast pacing for now. Let's see how it fares once we hit the point where the old adaptation ended.
@BasedYuri same thoughts but i think it's much more better if they add the same slow and gentle build up because it's much sweeter that way and the other manga shows it and it's too bad that this manga rushed out the parts