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  • Again!! ย้อนเวลากลับมาป่วน
  • Again!!重来一次
  • Muli!!
  • Yeniden!!
  • Ещё разок!
  • アゲイン !!
  • 어게인!!
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  • 7.83
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  • 159,397
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After three unfulfilling years of high school, Imamura Kinichirou was finally graduating. Because of his delinquent-esque looks, he was feared by his classmates, has made no friends, and his greatest regret was not joining the ouendan (cheer club), which was now disbanded. After an accident on the day of his graduation, he and classmate Fujieda Aki are transported three years back in time, freshman again in body but with high-school memories intact. Can Imamura fix the mistakes of his past? Can he re-do his high school years in the way that he's always wanted? Again!! The universe suddenly shouts.
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  • Volume 0/12
  • Chapter 0/136

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What pulled me into this manga was them Eyebrows, the art was pretty good and then it was Imamura's antics that really sealed the deal. You could feel the angst, the cringe, the rage etc. Was one of the best manga in the start. But the last arc does leave a bitter taste, none of the brilliance of Imamura or Pigheaded strength of the Danchou, just a fizzle.

For those on the fence, this has a pretty good story, one you will not regret reading. My personal recommendation, read till chapter 100, and take that as the end. Otherwise proceed at your caution. I personally felt the story till there was pretty awesome.
Why the author gotta be like that and not set the usami x imamura sail QvQ
I dont remember saying that everything that ends is cancelled, tho? I just said that something can be cancelled no matter how many chapters it has.
@tearsax not everything that ends is cancelled my dude.

And also I think the ending's fine. I wasn't for it initially but when you stop and think about things
@ICYCOZY doesnt really matter how many hundres of chapters are there. A cancelled series is a cancelled series.
is it just me or am i the only one who likes the ending lol.
Every chapter i read, i felt this is ending.. And then... Ohhh he was back.. Dangg
Warning!! The last 2(135 and 136) chapters are fucking bs, it doesn't even make any sense
I wonder, can you really call it an axed ending if we got to 136 chapters? Still, it feels like an axe. After all the time spent reading this, with the arcs and the repeated "Do-overs" I'm not sure what I was expecting, but this, this wasn't it.
also sike for the the tokyo olympics 'cause of the virus
the fuck is this ending
Good manga. Bad ending
The official release is the only version with those last 6 pages. I was surprised when I bought Volume 12, myself.
@zawarudo Thanks, but what about those official chapters that came out? do they have the latest pages? I mean, the manga is already complete on other sites.
I know this is two months too late but might as well put this here for everyone else wondering. The Japanese raws are incomplete, they are missing the 6 final pages of Chapter 136 which contain a short epilogue. It doesn't help that the very last page before those 6 can easily be seen as the actual ending due to Chapter 136's general tone and everything being rushed 0-100 real quick for the entirety of Volume 12. It seems to me that not enough people cared about this manga that nobody bothered to update the raws, so it's no surprise that eventually someone posted rips from the official version.

I marathoned this the last few days, and.... Hoo boy, this manga is an absolute trainwreck...
you will learn an all new level of hating a fictional character if you read this manga.
@Kryon_PL because they were rips of the official version.
Why did all those latest chapter that were uploaded yesterday disappear? It's already been uploaded to the end and has already been finished translated.
4 more chapters dang