Burning Effect
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  • Эффект горения
  • 버닝 이펙트
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  • 329
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This story is about the fierce struggle between law enforcement and those who want to upset the world.
In the Cᵗʰ century, the central bureau of the municipality, Graymark, sentence anyone to death, regardless of the severity of the offense in order to reduce the crime rate and population in proportion to the increased life expectancy due to medical advances.
This is a conflict between the Central Bureau and the Revolutionary Army trying to overturn this system.
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For real
@DeezNutz somebody linked to a zippyshare download for 1-60 like 4 comments below yours

but yeah I wish it was reuploaded, this is such an underrated manhwa that's held back by the fact that its ridiculously annoying to find all the chapters

really wish it gets picked up for official english so more people see it
Can someone reupload 1-60 please 😖😖
This manga is extremely addicting and i love it😄
@ayon96 thx, was just trying to find 57-60 as jaiminisbox seems to have completely whored themselves off to mangaplus at some-point within the last 6 months
Burning Effect Ch.0-60 on zippyshare
its really easy to find chapters 1-14 but you can only find 15-60 on really sketchy AF sites (worth it tho)
JAIMINI is long dead as a reading site for korean comics
So how the fuck are people from Mangadex gonna read the old goddamn comics?
Like JAIMINI is fucking gone, since fucking January, who the fuck took down the first 60 chapters? The same people who took down Solo Leveling's first chapters as well?!
Like the public at large being an ass doesn't seem to fucking change
Old Chapters are gon jaimini took them down
No more chapters ?
the missing chapters are on jaimini
This looks really good, anyone know where i can find the older chapters, those that are not in mangadex?
Anybody know where I canfind chapters from 15-60?
I can only say, Robert is a beast!
Somehow Burner looks hot on the new image on the series page...
Holy F*cking sh*t. Chapter 107 eyes. Those are haunting to look at.

Haven't started reading yet, but I might assume that such an exaggerated scenario might be meant to reflect the way that people who are oppressed by their governments feel rather than to realistically portray an oppressive government. Like even if your government isn't giving out the death penalty for every crime, the fear and dread that permeate through your life might be so severe that you feel they might as well be. Or if you're in a situation where state authorities can inflict lethal violence against you at a moment's notice for no reason at all without facing any repercussions (see: any country that has done a genocide), that's pretty much the death penalty for any perceived crime (and sometimes the crime is just existing).

Exaggerating some aspect of something that you're trying to make a point about is actually a pretty common narrative tactic. It forces people to see the parallels between reality and what should be an unrealistic situation but ultimately might be hitting uncomfortably close to home.

But also since I haven't read this at all, I might be entirely wrong about everything.
Holy shit. Chapter 100.😮
where can i read the before chap the releas like 6 and them long time without any and now is on the 60-90
Gay ops scans truly has god tier quality and speed, god bless guys