Fake Cinderella
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  • Nanchatte Cinderella
  • なんちゃってシンデレラ
  • なんちゃってシンデレラ 王宮陰謀編 異世界で、王太子妃はじめました。
  • 在异世界开始的太子妃生活
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Izumi Maya, a 33-year-old professional pastry chef, who went out to buy some mustard, gets caught in an accident. When she regains consciousness, she has been reincarnated as a 12-year-old princess! On top of that, she also has a husband who is older than her! And a king, no less!

Maya realizes that she's in a position where her life might be targeted, thus, decides to try to get along with her husband to protect herself!

In the name of a pastry chef, I’ll defeat the criminal and my husband’s stomach at the same time!!
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waaaa, i'm looking forward to how things progress! nigel's been sweet and our mc is super cute! she doesn't act like the usual "adult in a child's body but still acts like a child rather than an adult" that i usually see and it's SO refreshing since i've come to loathe that trope.

thank you endless journey for the translations!
i know historically children at that age got married etc, but i still can't get past it to enjoy the story.
This series was intriguing, but in the end i just can't enjoy it ;w;

The art and the actual plot are good, the political climate the author was constructing was a great start and it could have gone quite far, but the characters really let the whole thing down. It seems like the author is trying to use the fact that the protagonist was 33 originally, as well as the fact girls are considered adults at 13 in this world (gross), to convince the reader everything is fine. It doesn't work at all, the protag alternates between being treated like an actual child to an adult woman. It makes me feel uncomfortable having her treated like a little kid one scene and the very next one has her fiancee seeing her in a romantic light (💀)

It doesn't seem like a story that intends to hit a time skip to make things easier either... In the end i only got through 7 chapters but thats enough for me >~~<
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12.... 27...
Then... 18... will be 33...
Just... no.
Once she's 17, he'll be 32
so i just saw the summary and although her real age would be over 33, w h y 1 2
kakaopage kor already has this manga too, maybe you guys can pick up the update chapter from there it's already has 12 chapter i think...
i love older love interest. I mean, silver foxes & baras are wonderful and all that...
but...at least make the girl 18 :((
Aside from the age gap shock, other factors of this manga is pretty typical for a feel-good, everyone's gonna fawn over your cuisine manga. I mean she just randomly found miso paste? :D Even the food (that she improves or makes) doesn't stand out either. I know it's too early to judge the whole thing from just 7 chapters but still... Also the status is supposedly ongoing but the chapter count is set to 11?
@empressnyanny Agreed
No wonder the og fl became a doll, she's married (sold) to a man twice her age.... I just can't. I can't read past 5 chapters, I have to drop it.
I see loli tag, i read
so gross watching the 27yo ml be affectionate to his 12yo consort fl... fl has past life memories making her older, but from the ml's pov he's trying to romance a fucking kid.
The story is a bit interesting but I can't get over how creepy the age gap is, the ML is 27 and the MC current body is only 12 he's more than twice her age
Havn't read the manga yet but from the summary, what's wrong with a husband who's older? The king could of had his parents die early...(with a regent).
It's cute and all but there's some weird shit that happens
    they have a 15 YEAR AGE GAP
    how in the world is she the sole heir if she has older half siblings
    it's just kinda confusing at parts

overall 6/10
Couldn't she at least be 15 so we could see her grow into an adult (by real-life standards) within a reasonable time frame? T-T
Even if it's not her first life, it's so weird reading this "romance" with a 12-year-old FL and a 24+ y/o ML. Some stories handle this weird age gap well, but this one just seems a little lost in limbo. Dropping, someone let me know if there is a time skip lol.
I mean I can understand that dude. If I were in his position, I would feel awkward. He is in his 20s and is not interested in dating. He would feel more attracted to a woman than a little girl. Since in that society things were done as a contract, it is not bad to just keep her an arms distance. Even if she gets older in 8 years. He will be in his 30s. I don't think why most people think a 20y/o and a 30y/o will be fine together. I think most of the people, nowadays, that are together are the minority because that type of relationship doesn't last long. Only a few months and then split up.
Endless Journey - the hint is in the name.
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