Tokyo Shinobi Squad
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  • Токийский отряд шиноби
  • トーキョー忍スクワッド
  • 东京忍者小队
  • 東京忍者小隊
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  • 6.41
  • 76
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  • 53,634
  • 2,111
  • 81
Tokyo, 2049... Thanks to the Galapagos Reform enacted by the government, Russia, China, America and Japan are now connected by a Hyper Loop system. This globalization has turned Tokyo into the most crime-ridden city in the world. To fight the rising crime, those who have been working in the shadows since the Sengoku period are needed... They are...the Shinobi!
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  • Volume 0/3
  • Chapter 0/27

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This manga deserved to stay, Shonen Jump system really needs to change.
@Ottes well... damn....hahahaha ah but we have chainsaw still going so no problem (even Samurai8 is struggling these days).

I blame the kid.
@Serenata It's confirmed that the 3rd volume is the last one, so yeah. Survived for a lot of time even with terrible sales.
Woah this manga is actually holding up ! I mean beyond 20 chapters in Jump is an achievement hahaha. With 50 it might even get an anime (but it's usually when they're beyond 80)
I wonder if the kid from the start is still around, that made me drop it because I came to see ninjas, not shotas getting in the way or kidnapped all the time
I object to this manga's description. This manga's description is actually:

The year is 2049. In an attempt to revitalize Japan and bring it up to international standards, the prime minster ordered the construction of "hyperloop tunnels" that bridged it to every major country in the world. The resulting influx of mass immigration has turned Tokyo into the most crime-ridden city in the world in a scant 20 years. Individuals and corporations looking to defend themselves began hiring clandestine mercenaries who lurk in the shadows... shinobi

I hereby file a formal complain with the commentators of this peanut gallery to change the description into something that makes me snicker every time I read it! All in favor... do nothing because no fun allowed :(.
ah i see, a sequel for naruto's son
I wanted to like this until I realized that the focus was on the kid, and I don't care about a kid running around in a dangerous city unless they make a HUGE time skip in the first volume
What are copyright laws in Japan like?
Narusuke what are you doing here
Blonde, idealistic ninja that relaxes at a food place... where have I seen this before?

Also, the instigating event for the crime wave makes no fucking sense.
wat u doing here?
Worth the read thus far, hopefully the popularity increases.
Looks interesting
All official translations of the chapters in English are available here:
where are the chapters for eng?
I see, so Japan is a shithole due to diversity. Makes sense.
When I saw cover in my phone, I thought it was Naruto doing Rasengan lol.
Just saw the raw on LH.
It seems that only this new series has come out so far that I like from WSJ.
Wow, I like this at first glance! The art is very good. Its art line is not too childish or shounen-ish - I can't explain it very well, but personally, it makes me comfortable and the author can take an interesting angle.
Some action and information as a prologue can be stretched well. It really has given a very good impression at the beginning so it should be able to pursue Jijitsu's success and not like BOZEBEAT which is walking in place.

But because it's from WSJ, I won't expect that much.