This Time I Will Definitely Be Happy!
Alt name(s):
  • Cette fois, je deviendrai heureuse certainement!
  • Cette fois, je serai heureuse certainement!
  • Kondo Koso Shiawase ni Narimasu!
  • This Time, I Will Definitely Be Happy!
  • 今度こそ幸せになります!
  • 这次一定要幸福!
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“Wait for me, Louisa.”

Those were the words that the hero, Graham, said to me before he set off to defeat the demon king. Graham who is both my childhood friend and lover. But, I have no intention of waiting. In fact, I have the memories of my past three lives, and in all past three lives, I have been the hero’s childhood friend and lover. However, all past three heroes always found other women and never came back to me! That’s why I will no longer waste my time waiting for the hero to come back, this time I will definitely be happy!

French / Français
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god, the romance is thick in here, for real haha. For a romance fool like me it was a good read
I remember reading it first as a funny reincarnation story.. but it definitely wasn't what i expected !

Thank you for translating it to the end ♡♡

It's a well executed backward story- a little over the top with the drama but very good execution in terms of plot. I enjoyed the peaceful, I'll-be-independent!, initial premise in the beginning. It's light hearted and tells the story of a strong hearty girl who won't depend on no man for happiness.

What a paradox.

These nuances twisting the plot makes it original and interesting.

Pretty solid story telling. I personally enjoyed the pacing the whole 10 yards. Character development- yes! A little over the top, sometimes cliche, but still a very good solid 7.5/10. Some where flatter than others, but it still drove the plot.

Art is very nice and pretty consistent! You can tell all the main characters apart pretty well with a good medium sized cast. 9/10

Most of all- no mystery, happy ending 10/10

Perfect for a true romanticist.
If you like romance read it, if you don't most definitely don't lmfaooo.
Such a beautiful and well executed ending. Loved the strength and resourcefulness of the main female character.

More depth than I initially anticipated.

A very good read 😄
This series is soooo cute ><

At first glance it seems like one of those typical reincarnation isekais that's a power trip fantasy but the MC is NOT OP. She is basically the hero/the chosen one but she find friends along the way who help her through the journey. She is very independent! It's a strong female character who isn't a typical damsel in distress!

Really enjoyed the story!! The plot was good and moved at a nice pace!

Would recommend to fans of romance!
solid 9/10
the middle was not the best but for the most part different and fantastic
ugh my heart... this story was just wonderful
that was the longest 26 chapters EVER.
Probably one of the best and well thought-out isekai I've read. Yes there are some cliches here and there, but overall, I loved everything - the plot (which there was actually one!) and especially the main character! Louisa was such a breath of fresh air! She was sassy, and smart, and not afraid to call people/situations out. Overall, it was a wonderful fairy tale!
It was a nice story and it didn't repeat a lot of the annoying cliches other isekai manga have.
Very cute ending <3
I liked this so much. Thank you very much for translating it
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 That ending ❤️❤️❤️
thank you for translating so we could read this beautiful story ; uu;
Shit this made my eyes teary at the end

Thank you for translating !!
With all the sh*t Jun and Marcus were put through, . Overall not a bad short read
I feel like this is what the ending i was waiting for all isekais i have read. Perfect story, not idiotic MC (Relatable Mc Tbh), Male lead that knows who they want (perfect boi), side characters that are helpful (love the workmates!), goddess that ain't bossy nor dumb (a serious goddess for once!!) and lastly, Beautiful Ending!♡♡♡♡

Otherwise i really enjoyed the story.