Class Teni de Ore dake Haburaretara, Doukyuu Harem Tsukuru Koto ni Shita
Alt name(s):
  • After being transported, I was singled out and rejected by my classmates so; I made them all part of my harem
  • Because I was excluded out of the class transfer, I decided make a classmate harem
  • Because I Was Excluded Out of the Class Transfer, I Decided to Steal My Classmate’s Lover
  • Class Ten'i de Ore dake Haburareta no de, Doukyuusei Harem Tsukuru Koto ni shita
  • Doukyuusei Netoru Koto ni shita
  • Upon Being Exiled From My Class I Decided To Make My Own Harem
  • クラス転移で俺だけハブられたので、同級生ハーレム作ることにした
  • 同級生寝取ることにした
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When Kirishima Ran and his classmates were transported to another world they each received an ability. However the ability he received, [Sexual Lunatic], has caused nothing but trouble for him. His ability allows him to make any girl he comes in contact with his slave. Because of his ability, his classmates have shunned him and forced him to separate from them. With the fires of revenge burning inside his heart, Kirishima decides to overtake the class from the shadows. One by one he turns his classmates into slaves and fill his desires.

  • Light Novel (Japanese): Bookwalker
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    There are a lot of raw chap out why so late update?

    yeah that one, thanks
    Maybe you are thinking of "Himekishi ga Classmate!"?
    I think there is one or two more that I've seen posted, but don't remember the name(s) atm.
    If I see another I'll post it.

    Yeah, after skimming some I didn't see the other one I thought may be similar. I did come across "Maou no Hajimekata" which doesn't have as many similarities, but it has some- mainly the content afaik. I originally saw it and Himekishi ga Classmate at almost the same time, and since both were getting close to jumping the smut line, I think I related them in my head.
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    @mightybalto - expanding on what @dysperwithaperiod said already; I imagine what he said are some of the main things, though I do think this series has a lot more people who vote it low w/o reading it, due to the 'sexual violence' related stuff, compared to many other series, even many that also have some comparable scenes.

    Since it plays a larger role than in some other series, the 'perspective' taken on it etc., all that means that a good chunk of folks will almost instantly down vote it.

    Plus the chunk of folks who don't like isekai, or don't like smutty stuff- I mean those who may say its too 'in between' ecchi, and straight up hentai. Some want less sexual focus, if it's not hentai; and if it is hentai, it 'needs' to focus more on sexual stuff. Some take it as like 'watering down' both instead of aiming for either one 'properly.'
    @mightybalto because of a plethora of things.

    people might view this multiple times before they rate it.
    or they could view it without rating it, which is more common than it sounds.
    or they could do what i think you think they’re doing, and what the funniest answer would be, keep coming back despite the low rating because they think it’s sexy.
    i remember another manga with a similar plot, anyone knows the name'
    @hexador It would be slightly more original, yes. You would have to change the scenes and everything to make it more original of course.

    Like that series where someone gets isekaied into an otome game as a mob of the female characters goes off to buy a slave. Unfortunately it wasnt expanded on and it happened mostly off-screen but it would have been a good chance to see something original, especially since she wasnt buying the slave for good intentions (95% of the time its a guy buying a cute girl because he feels bad about it and wants to save her).
    After reading the title i rated this 1

    New light novel Harem,smut isekai title
    Honestly Author, just turn this into an H manga and draw the sex scenes
    @question2 so, let me get this straight, if I wrote a manga in which all the same crap happens to the mc, all the same trope characters appear, etc., but just reverse the genders of the characters I’ve copied from the more prevalent versions of the story I’ve written, I’ll have made something original?! Pretty sure that logic doesn’t track.

    Originality comes from doing something that hasn’t been done; not doing something that has been done but doing it differently.
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    A reader's mind: this is just porn disguised as a terrible story
    A reader's dick: and where is the next chapter at?
    if this is as bad as people rate it to be, then why does it have so many views??? -taps forehead-
    @question2 that isn’t even that much different from the otome shit considering how crazy at least 2 men are over 1 girl, let alone that original since all that’s changing is who has the sausage. it’s like saying “i was naked when i reached the other world” is original because the guy is naked all the time.

    and on top of that, all you asked for in the original post is for a female isekai.
    @dysperwithaperiod : When i said "female MC" i meant one where the MC is female and takes slaves llke the MC in this series, not "otome game villainess" crap.
    @Hexador : Obviously because it hasnt been done before.
    @Jzc136 yes absolutely what the fuck
    It's smut and a isekai so I'm just seeing how the story will progress. If it gets stale I'll drop it, but let's face facts it probably won't be picked up by a group dedicated to the job right. Thanks for your hard work on this title.
    Would it be considered rape if they have been brainwashed and therefore agree to it?

    Inb4 feminists, white knights and sjws meltdown.
    Here are raws
    hope this gets an anime, tbh 10/10 like many people rated here. Better than the all praised AOT which failed to make me nut, GAWD I wish I was the MC.