The Swordsman Called the Countless Swords’ Sorcerer
Alt name(s):
  • Senken no Majutsushi to Yobareta Kenshi
  • Мечник, прозванный Магом Бесчисленных Мечей
  • 千剣の魔術師と呼ばれた剣士
  • 被称为千剑魔术师的剑士
  • 被稱為千劍魔術師的劍士
  • 천검의 마술사라 불린 검사
  • 7.72
  • 7.70
  • 833
Pub. status:
  • 455,907
  • 24,517
  • 40
Sword Magic, where a sword is manipulated using magic to freely fly in the air, cutting down enemies. Ardis is a user of this new magic art that has never been seen before throughout the entirety of the history of magic. As a mercenary, he undertakes various requests in return for remuneration, including subjugations, escorts and investigations.

On the way home from a survey request, he protects a pair of twin girls who survived their caravan being attacked by bandits, however in this world twins are considered “abominations”.

Along with the twins and a girl who accompanies him as a follower, he holds back his anger at the world which looks coldly at the twin girls due to the goddess’ intervention.

This is the story of such a swordsman called the countless swords sorcerer.
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Yes, the latest manga chapters are based on the light novel:
Pretty sure this is a case of WN and LN (wich this is based off) being really diferent, like shield hero, and maybe like shield hero too there are further divergences, as for the chapter, i knew that was going to happen T.T, i hope they make that shit stain suffer, moments like this is when i want the story to go all edgy xD, like kill that bastard by sodomizing him with a sword, or pull a dany and crucify him and all who helped him.
Recent chapters didn't happen in the WN, is this adaption of further untranslated WN events that were put early like how studios sometimes do it? or...???
@Sheruff6 just copy paste korean word to google .. u can find it..
Dropped !!!
And blocked !!

Shitty story, lovely loli
That's so idiotic. Twins are hated and they themselves know it damn well too. But no. They're gonna go outside. Because they want to die so bad. And the MC is much more dumber than twins. Just make Nale look after kids when going outside or sleeping...
Can someone tell me how many raw chapters are still left, or is this manga up to date?
wow the manga is totally different from the WN, atleast i dont remember this part about the shitty general, and it was a little more interesting honestly, anyway thanks for translating! looking forward to future updates😀
@nolyta09 may I know where can I find it?
Well the thing is I have like 100+ bookmark on web novels that I have read so series that I have lost interest in it always lost in the sea of bookmarks lol. I'm currently constantly looking for a new series to read.
@mismarca i am also reading the WN, i was using atlas and google to read the raw and i agree in a lot to you, i just wanted to point out it makes sense the manga is better sinc eits based on the LN i think, by that point the author had both much more experience writing, and better idea of the story he wanted and probablñy the help of an editor. Also i think the WN gets better but yes i want to see more of the twinsssss

PD: advise to read things like this, read a bunch of chapters stop and come back in a few days when you are really bored xD
First I was interested by the manga so I tried to read the web novel up to 95/218 and I find it's pretty tiresome to read. I know it's is only like 9 chapters in the manga adaptation but manga version look more appealing to me. The story and character interaction look more appealing to me. The web novel feels kinda bland and lack something.
At least they avoided what i call "pussyfication" of the MC, i mean at least in WN the MC kills near everyone that gives him a reason, i think the only time he didn't massacre a group of noobs was when he was in the capital and wanted to stay low and not stand out (and no he isn't a sociapathic mass killer, everyone he kills is for a reasonable reason, bandits, slavers, etc)

That said i am pretty sure if this is following the LN more closely than the WN then i bet this battle has way more than just 2 deads in the novel.
Finnaly some character development
Swoosh all dudes die
MC saves hostage twins
Entire country comes after him
MC migrates to somewhere else

Not a spoiler just my own opinion
Aldis is a generic op mc.
Nale is hotter than magma.
The twins are just plain dumb.
the plot is good nothing special.
bro korean already chapter 12
This is the most cliche shit ever. The author needs to re-evaluate his life
Is not like I didn't expect this but...very bad cliche plot route...
Sword Cultivator gets Japanized, warped into Japanized European fantasy setting. He's OP and. Never faces any real challenge (so far, at least), which alienates the character from the audience.