King of Apocalypse
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  • Mo Shi Wei Wang
  • Rise Against Doomsday
  • The King of Doom
  • 末世为王
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  • 6.59
  • 792
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  • 689,615
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Qin Yu was killed a few hundred years into the future during the apocalypse due to a misjudgment. He then traveled back in time before the apocalypse kick off, relying on his battle hardened apocalypse experience and techniques, Qin Yu rapidly developed into a formidable opponent, passing through hurdles, saving the world all while protecting his beloved sister.

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Serious question here, do they fuck?
from all the zombie story, this one have the best start, no system, kill people without comppromise, no past life kind people, no shiet trying to think first than fight.

damn to monologue and dialogue become ao bland...i hope this is not because the tl team.
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fuck u too
the art's good BUT the story sucks so imma drop this na
As good a time for the translation to be dropped... Whent from passable story to random trash story at about ch150...
Well this isn't getting any better despite my hopes, time to drop this complete nonsense I guess.
The author's pacing isn't great and it fall's into the power levels mean nothing troupe with new additions to the system or established in regards to abilities, monsters, and races. None of them seem fleshed out and pulled out of thin air to suit the needs of the story. There is the introduction of Read 200 chapters, it's mediocre. Also for the translating team, this is a nitpick but I don't think you know what cannibal means. All of these non-human creatures being called cannibal when you mean they eat humans is incorrect. Cannibal should only refer to monsters that eat their own species, which we have seen during the series but the manhua refers to the plants as 'cannibal plants' or 'cannibal demons' when it really means man-eating. The word is used correctly when there are actually cannibals in the storyline.
The art isn't quite there.. The story MIGHT be somewhat good........... But those dialogues, it's too bad, way too bad, even if it's a manhua and they are sometimes strange. This one is the worst
One word to describe these sloppy manhua: SHAMBLES
WTF is going on ?, This is not what I signed up for, Zombie Apocalypse! Not freaking flying Tigers🤬
This is a Mish mash of genres kek
Why onl 1 page
This starts to get really sloppy as it goes on, not in terms of the actual plot (which lets be honest has maintained staunchly looking up at average) but in terms of presentation. It quite often feels like entire pages are missing e.g. when Yuan Gui shows up outside the building and the MC goes from being asleep to being outside fully dressed or when he enters the ruins and we go from him stepping through a door to being in a mexican standoff with a literal group of people weve never seen before. Is there a novel because this feels like the classic webnovel to manhua sloppy adaption problem.

You can be forced into doing something you dont like, now this is just a random example put lets say you dont like killing but are trapped in a city block with hundreds of people who are trying and able to kill you?
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191 ? one page ?
Avatar he's reincarnated 100 years in to the past. Now ill prototect my family and friends.......
this is just to dang retarded
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Stupid retcon, 185 chapters before the MC said his little sister, that is a walknig question mark, said she had a dark aura/miasma around from when she was a kid.
Maybe it was in the original novel but most likely is some dumb shit the author just added later, as in most manhua....a ton of plots forced in one story.
why does the brother says he dislikes killing AFTER killing 500-800 people as a reason for not doing something and no one points out why did you kill some many people then?
This series is interesting yet author is ruining it.
This is basically clump of genres that barely have any relation to one another ( no reason given as to why they are here). At chapter 80, we have magic, cultivation, reincarnation, zombies, monsters, aliens, reality that has game functions.
Another detriment is that no explanation is given to powers. Basically powers are given and they can affect anyone, till author needs nerfing (again, no explanation or limits set before hand). For example, MC sisters power. It was mentioned that it affects body and not mind. Yet she can control multiple monsters without giving them any attention. It can affect everyone, even someone few times as powerful as she is, instantly.
This series also lacks any character development. As it is only focus is action. It is interesting till you get bored of it.
so it isn't great, but not bad either. 6/10
The author has no clue where he is going. It started with some potential, but now it is a mess. Dropping it, 3/10.
this is getting better and better