Dad Is a Hero, Mom Is a Spirit, I'm a Reincarnator
Alt name(s):
  • Chichi wa eiyū, haha wa seirei, musume no watashi wa tensei-sha.
  • Chichi wa Eiyuu, Haha wa Seirei, Musume no Watashi wa Tenseisha.
  • Dad Is a Hero, Mom Is a Spirit, I'm a Reincarnator.
  • Mein Vater ist ein Held, meine Mutter ein Geist und ich, die Tochter, eine Wiedergeborene!
  • My Father is a Hero, my Mother is a Spirit and the Daughter (Me) is a Reincarnator.
  • Мой Отец - Герой, моя Мать - Королева духов, Я - Перерождённая их дочерью.
  • 父は英雄、母は精霊、娘の私は転生者。
  • 父亲是英雄, 母亲是灵魂, 我是个转世者
  • 爹强妈猛我无敌
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Well, I was reincarnated! And my father is a former hero? And my mother is a queen of the spirits!? With my knowledge of my past life and my powers in this world... I'll protect my family's happiness!

German: Nun, ich wurde wiedergeboren! Und mein Vater ist ein ehemaliger Held? Meine Mutter die Königin der Geister!? Mit meinem Wissen meines vorherigen Lebens und den Kräften in dieser Welt ... werde ich das Glück meiner Familie beschützen!
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the fmc knows some advanced chemistry so she should have been at least 16-18 years old in her past life, falling in love with a prince whos at the mental/physical age of her body's age now seems to be a really stupid character development
this story got no tension whatsoever.... feels kinda bland... not bad per say, but no thrill on hype at all....

bet the FMC will end up with the prince in the end. so whats the point?
@Meskie I figure because she's in love/thinking of another man while making marriage vow

I hope this doesn't turn into romance with the prince or I'm dropping. I just want to see some wholesome family love and comedy
I'm getting confused again. Why did the goddess pass down judgement?
Best DILF here (Daughter I'd Like to Feed all my love and caring untill she grows up to become a grat adult and bring a whole new great revolution and advance civilization by huge leaps)
oooOOOOoooo forbidden love
Well this is quickly shaping up to be a Romeo and Juliet manga
wait what @Miyuki @me474 you guys are talking big ass spoilers lmao
so the hero gets NTR'ed or the hero does the NTR?
Oh my bad, thought you were talking about the hero lol. Well I'm sure the LN goes into more detail about this whole thing, its just the Mangaka omitted a few details but got to the same conclusion as the LN. Since it feels like the manga is really pushing the bad wife narrative
actually it was stated that she raped the hero brother
yeah sure she ain't the hero daughter but she probably the daughter of his brother
and the hero never married the princess his only wife is the queen
I mean its kind of hard to believe that the Princess's daughter is the Hero's. It was stated that the marriage was annulled before it was actually held due to the demons attacking. Soon after the Hero was injured and brought to the spirit realm to heal for Ten years. The ugly daughter's age was stated to be 8 (I know your just rage trolling but come on, try harder)
Cant wait for chapter 12 ^^ this is fun to read
I just hope there's no romance. It would ruin this
Some people has some issues. I love this series. It's fun and kind of amusing. It could use a touch up here or there in the story but I'd give it 9.5/10. So. Moar plz.
This whole linking to webpage where the manga is a good way to do things. I don’t understand why other translators don’t just do this instead of removing the manga.
this manga really got nothing but good art
and the story ? it's freaking trash
if you are beautiful even if you have nasty personality or you are working for the enemy faction you are deemed like a good person
and for ugly people they are disposable villain not only that but you won't have the same look as your siblings because "reason"
but i think the most thing that pissed me off was when the mc uncle abandoned his child with the first wife because she is ugly without gathering evidence if she was truly not his he just assumed so because she is ugly
the mc family are bunch of idiot they are so op to the point they could destroy the kingdom but they would rather be bullied rather than killing the prince or showing him his place because whoa he is beautiful you sure can't mess with him
and mc have the mentality of a child as her decision can come only of a naive child
it's just pure trash even the isekai with the dude who get women because of his charm ability is better than this crap
Whats so good about this? First ep made me quit it
Please continue the translations for this manga. I'd really appreciate it! (ฅΦωΦ)ฅ
very cute, the isekai stuff is played down which is fine although a little more would be better still fun tale
I really like the idea for this story; but the isekai aspect of it really throws me for a loop in a bad. It isn't nearly brought up enough, and when it is brought up, it's at very inconvenient times that takes me out of the story. I feel like it was something that was added at the last minute to just... I don't know, "boost sales" I guess? And it was implemented like how a sledgehammer interacts with a wall, poorly and aggressively.