Dad Is a Hero, Mom Is a Spirit, I'm a Reincarnator.
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  • Chichi wa Eiyuu, Haha wa Seirei, Musume no Watashi wa Tenseisha.
  • Mein Vater ist ein Held, meine Mutter ein Geist und ich, die Tochter, eine Wiedergeborene!
  • Mon père est un Héro, ma mère un Esprit et moi une réincarnée.
  • My Father is a Hero, my Mother is a Spirit and the Daughter (Me) is a Reincarnator.
  • Мой Отец - Герой, моя Мать - Королева духов, а я перерождённая их дочерью.
  • Мой Отец - Герой, моя Мать - Королева духов, Я - Перерождённая их дочерью.
  • 아빠는 영웅, 엄마는 정령, 딸인 나는 전생자.
  • 父は英雄、母は精霊、娘の私は転生者。
  • 父亲是英雄, 母亲是灵魂, 我是个转世者
  • 爹强妈猛我无敌
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Well, I was reincarnated! And my father is a former hero? And my mother is a queen of the spirits!? With my knowledge of my past life and my powers in this world... I'll protect my family's happiness!

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Every time I see that title "dad is a hero, mom is a spirit, and I'm a..." it cuts off there, so I always imagine it finishing like "I'm an abomination"
I dropped their series after the whole marriage thing happen with the brothers wife loving the hero instead
Did the series get better or did it stay bad or got even worst?
I kept reading because of the moe
My dad is a hero, my mom is a spirit, i'm a defect
Some warning:

This gets going early on (ch 2) with a huge dose of "fat = ugly = bad" stuff with an absolutely horrid caricature of "fat-ugliness" in a character who is, objectively, despicable and detestable, but who is also constantly discreetly sneered at by the protagonists for being fat and ugly as if that were among the greater of her sins.

The plot of those chapters would be just about fine otherwise, but it is god. fucking. awful. stuff. Feels like something dragged out of a 50-year-old grave of bad caricatures that we've buried and put behind us.

More broadly speaking, this entire thing is a really interesting mix of some pretty good and some really dumb ideas. All in all, it feels like it was written by a relatively bright nerd who spent a lot of time thinking (perhaps somewhat excitedly) about both real life and their made-up world, and as a by-product of that also ended up with a few bad personal pet theories, a few certain conspicuous failings of introspection, and possibly some dire need of an editor around the edges. Of course, the author may not be like that at all; I'm just trying to describe the sort of dissonant feeling I get reading this. Like I end up just shaking my head in exasperation every two-to-three chapters at how insensible or insensitive something is, at the same time as I'm nodding my head through other bits that seem quite sensible and aware, at least for the genre.
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I think I’m still reading this cause I’m curious about the father’s lifespans and if he’s technically(?) immortal as well because he’s a half spirit

You think that would have come up by now if the two half spirits share the same lifespans as the mom
gn guys im tired
i lowkey want her cousin to meet her
Fuck formal attire
Their untucked shirts are kinda annoying me... like it doesn't suit their formal atire
@Jzc136 Nah It's the little girl who got reincarnated. She's the main char....besides it's kinda boring. Im out.
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The mc is obviously a male, who enjoys to crossdress in cute female clothing, while pretending to be female!
Is the MC a male or female?
I smell a potential boyfriend with the tiger. When he can change form i'm sure he take her hand. No probleme about background, be with her since childhood and really love her, it make me think the mother must planned that
The story is so slow and I don't really know what the plot is. But the art is nice and I'm willing to hold on for more chapters 😭
The author doesn't even understand the power they have given the main character, thus, she never uses her power, ever. Also it appears her ability is completely useless to tackle the apparent main plot of this story.
So when's the royal family going to melt into radioactive dust?
The only redeeming qualities of the story is the art. the storyline is so boring. it's like your typical reincarnated story, where the main character uses their knowledge from their first life to help. this is sooooooooo underwhelming and boring.
Rigai Rikto Project - первая глава и куча ошибок которые не были исправлены как писалось в последнем скрине.
"Эелементами", "семей" и это только чуть указано мной ошибки....