Homeless Tensei: Isekai De Jiyuu Sugiru Majutsu Jisoku Seikatsu
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  • Homeless Tensei ~ Isekai De Jiyuu Sugiru Majutsu Jisoku Seikatsu~
  • Hōmuresu tensei ~ isekai de jiyū sugiru jikyūjisoku seikatsu ~
  • Перерождение бездомного или свободная жизнь в другом мире
  • ホームレス転生 ~異世界で自由すぎる自給自足生活~
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Shinichi Tanaka is a homeless man who is good at dumpster diving. Because he's a pennyless bum, there's no help for it. He's going to try and pick up some trash to survive another day.
What is this?
Monsters and a Dungeon? In Tokyo?!
A homeless man finds himself suddenly reincarnated in another world. His second life starts now based out of a hidden room deep in a dungeon.
weird and turbulent adventure of a 56 year old homeless man who reincarnates into a different world.

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    Initially, it was alright, but the story's elements are too much plot-oriented in an order that makes thing too simple/easy. The only struggle they seem to face is occasional strong foes that ends up as trash later and their social/emotional response (which are already limited). It's like if the story wasn't though up properly and the writer/author forgot what he started at. The guy is homeless so he has a bit of survival skills, but ends up not needing those skills because he found a magical hidden and safe house that has even more stuff than "normal houses" in that world because a random magician lived there a long time ago. As soon as his emotional stability starts to show a single weakness, there comes the emotional support boy out of thin air and that boy is not only strong, but useful. As soon as they get outside, they face a problem (which was poorly written since it seems people are just stupid in that world), and immediately have an escape route to their perfect house that nobody can even reach. That problem flies away not even 1 chapter later as they are able to move in town and buy stuff easily just to get another random "added-over-a-pill" problem that wasn't ever explained before.
    Basically, this isekai universe seems to inhabit people with the red fish syndrome: Move 10 secs one way and forget what happened before.
    It's not the worse isekai, but it's clearly not in the great ones neither. I would give this a 5.5/10 at most for now.
    lma yeah @monstergelo
    anyone remember that isekai about a guy nude and everyone refuses to give him cloth?
    it would be interesting if he kill her and take her skill
    but, well.. there's this skill from the chapter before so it'll probably be that.
    Let me guess, our resident homeless is going to tame Karen.
    Cannot agree more.
    @regionala Agreed. It was never great or anything, but ever since they got out of the initial dungeon it has felt so random and directionless. Too many slipshod ideas that are barely developed or even followed up on...
    Dropped. It's bad, but not BAD bad, just boring bad.
    Hmmn acupuncture uh?

    Do you guys think random girls will let me touch them, if I tell them I'll use my acupuncture skill to unlock their hidden potential?
    Her cheat skill is acupressure point... Like some shonen manga hero.
    Story is ok but the journey is a bit too fast and lots of things turn out way too convinient with next to no explanation at all.
    The main guy even after reincarnation still looks like a bum :D All in all it's not a bad isekai but not a good one either.
    It's rare on this site where mostly every manga is either way over or downrated for no reasons, but in this case the 6.3/10 is very accurate.
    Pretty good. Wouldn't say it's excellent, but it's far from being "bad" or "trash".
    This manga actually seems interesting!
    I'll read isekai trash any day, but this concept seems worth continuing.
    Kind of an anti-climatic chapter
    @lvxferre The only issue with age is when it comes to exploitation. But that can occur in any sort of relationship. There is also the issue of when the individual is much too young and is being groomed, but this isn't the case. This is about a young man with the mental age of an old hobo getting friendly with a young girl. Not that different to how actual homeless people interact. A homeless hobo in my Chinatown acts sort of like the representative of the old and young, getting relatively friendly with even the minors, advising them to never steal, never to harass, never to hang around a business for too long or to never get violent with a social worker unless your own safety is on the line.
    @Me474 Looks like you've given thorough thought into this. You're completely right. It's probably also because of the population decline in Japan. It's disastrous. Some things need to change in this industry sadly. I just wish there was someone his age as it'd be pretty more badass.

    My only comfort is that she's an elf so she's probably older then him or something. Honestly I am always up for Romance with an elf as long as it's not polygamy so I'll continue to give this a chance.
    Personally I think this series is flawed but by no means "garbage". It has strong points but it's by no means "excellent". Props for the author for trying something different, with a homeless and older protag, and for not boring us down with excessive usage of game mechanics.

    Regarding the age discussion: for all intents and purposes of the story he's a 25yo with world knowledge of a 56yo. And even if they were an actual romantic couple, once you're past your 17s age doesn't matter that much, you're simply adult. I've been in both sides of this sort of relationship, it isn't that different from a same age relationship.

    @Christopher To Love Ru is fairly memorable and Momo is the best girl.
    The biggest flaw of your argument is to smash quality (subjective) and popularity (objective) together.
    This is a pretty good story, with likable characters and really good artwork. I especially like the elf girl's art. Very cute!