Metropolitan System
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  • 都市枭雄系统
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Jiang Bai was killed in a truck accident when trying to escape from a high risk casino after winning a huge amount
of money but instead of dying, his soul was transported into a parallel world that is similar to Earth and merge with his alternate pathetic self. Over there he met the mad god who grant him a powerful BUG ability in this new world. Jiang Bai is now stuck in his alternate world self, who is far weaker and less more influential than the original him. Can he make a comeback in this new parallel earth with his new cheat abilities?*has netori a bit*

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You know, I speed run this in 3 days and I'm really enjoying it as a brainless individual, It has enough action and drama to keep me going. Some few plotholes that's still bugging me though:

How come the girls still love him when he only visit each of them once every blue moon? And how are they not turn into spoiled bitches by now, given that mc always shower them with cash?

And when will he bang the blue hair oneechan? god damn it do it already
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Might as well rename the series Cocktropolitan System at this point. Gettin pretty stale, not to mention he showed off or something so people would know him like a hundred chapters ago yet noone still fucking knows him, and it's the same over and over and over again...
I've almost forgotten how he got rich in the first place.
In the beginnjng this series was great but the longer it drags on the crazier it gets.
@cloww That was probably my 40,000th boner. Actually, it’s probably higher than that.
this is not a 'harem', it's a 'harem universe'
Lol i even forgot that there was "jiang yuqing", what's bad about this harem is there are literally a lot of them that there's lack of attention to each individual. It's like having local wives and JB rarely meets them. But so far the harem is pretty amiable, nice having understanding cousin like that.
Finally, someone recognized him and how powerful he is... instead of doing the same thing all the other assholes do where they call their "powerful" backer until the backer see mc and then beats up the guy that called him because the backer is like the mc's dog, now he recognized mc and just gave himself a beating.
What is the manga or anime on the tv of the last panel of chapter 300?
The shit this guy pulls now seems so tiny after reading the rest of the stuff @cloww is translating
Why you upload both ch297 and 298 as LONG STRIP when it should be PAGES like comic? I manually download the chapter and into multi pages like older chapter and it's works fine.
Please don't change into Web Comic Long Strip style when it should be old comic style.

Thanks if understand
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I'm impressed that ch 297 has 1 page
So truck-kuns relative in China began working in the same line of work...
Gave this a 10 for my boi best TL Madcat the only reason i read this shit is because of his notes every chapter
@Tu Jun

Hi, I'm a Polish translator in Wattpad and I wanted to ask you as an author if you would mind if I threw in the Polish translation of manga - Metropolitan System / Dushi Xiaoxiong Xitong ??? Ofcourse I will write who the author is. How about is ? ;)
It has a bad start as any other generic manhua. Then it improved, got interesting. Around chapter 200 it gets really repetitive, he is one of the most important business man, famous writer, actor, professor, top martial artist, and still no one knows him. Same plot over and over. Then, the dialogues start to get unnecessarily big, nonsense talk. 4/10
If you like it, just enjoy it.
They fucking did it
woah, they even brought the meme guys from the cemetery dance lol
Ngl I thought that guy was kinda nice, I mean the only wrong thing he did was when he cheated at the end but that's just there, he was really normal and for once they made him so that he'd have a brain lmao, glad they talked this out, it's pretty rare in manhuas....does it even ever happen anyway ?
Oooh, so you play those kind of games with your family, this made me want to learn about it Haha, seriously I just like the fact that our MC is so carefree compared to all the other characters, I just got so tired of all the others comics where they take themselves sooo seriously like TOO SERIOUSLY! And the other manhuas just make me mad at how everyone is bad towards the MC and we have to wait ages for them to finally get what they deserve, so when I finally find one where they get owned right away ngl I like that ! I prefer this then something that's dragged out and they're doing it in an attempt to get their comics longer, they even add some nonsense and completely distort the original plot so yup, this one is so much more carefree then the other ones and Jiang Bai isn't afraid of saying whatever he wants for once that's great, I don't really like harems and so I'm glad that there isn't much talk about it, I'm thankful they stick to him beating up people, I don't like the ones who only focus on ecchi and stuff, I find it disappointing since it doesn't add anything to the plot (generally ofc), and at least Jiang Bai isn't a dense mf, he knows he likes someone, he doesn't hide his desire and even if i still am not a fan of the harem at least they're upfront about it and they're not putting it for everyone to see either, after all we're still focused more on the fights then anything else so yeah that's what I personally like about it, I guess I just wanna chill lmao and I can't find it everywhere, even the ones with comedy aren't always all happy, well I do like it if there's some moral in it but when it's just nonsensical drama, I don't like that.
Thanks a lot for your translations cloww we appreciate the efforts and hard work put into every chapter, it's been so much already and you're still working on it, thank you very much !! 🥰💜🖤💕💚💟❤💝🧡💓💙💖💗❣💝💌