The Peerless Concubine
Alt name(s):
  • Wild and Arrogant Imperial Concubine
  • Xiao Zhang Kuang Fei
  • ๅšฃๅผ ็‹‚ๅฆƒ
  • 7.32
  • 7.12
  • 112
Pub. status:
  • 54,379
  • 2,666
  • 24
Trash? Ugly girl? None exists --- when everyone looks with disdain and ridicule, who can expect that a sick and frail girl's body contains the soul of an absolute immortal.
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@redvamik Because you're evil? xD
@Doutei-Sama , you ruined the fun of creating misunderstandings, but I applaud your dedication to accuracy so yeah.

Concubines are “sub-wives”, but the point is that one can have as a many as one wants, but only one wife. (Unless of course...)
So this is not adapted from a novel, but is instead a ten cent rip-off of novels with a similar story
@CyanHide i think they are more like sub-wife if that even mean anything
I hate how slow this is and how each chapter is so short.
Need a Webnovel link please! ?
Is there a webnovel for this?
Fun fact, concubines are less than wives but more than prostitutes...

Make of that what you will.
I love the isekai revenge theme could you give all the manga like this one ? Pls ?
"IP has no protection", that explains the Harry Potter and Naruto (plus more) cultivation/system fanfics :V
There are billion of Chinese in the RPC so it is to be expected that hundred of novels will be the same. Moreover, they don't have copyright laws so IP has no protection anyway. If the theme is fun, i will exploit the hell out of it.
It ain't all that. Going to drop it if she doesnt become more cruel. :/
I dunno why, Im so addicted to this kind isekai-revenge theme
Not sure why but I had this weird sense of déjà vu while reading. Not the first time I had that with Chinese manhua.
Can someone give me raw link pleasee?

Note: nevermind already found it

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Is there something in ancient Chinese culture for most MC and villains to have that type of characters? And there must be some inherent cultural values and principles as well influencing the way they think and behave in the presence of power and revenge, right? I've seen them enough in hundreds of Chinese novels and manga that it's not possible that it is just because the authors copying each other.
Just checked out a few more chapters in the RAWs, but no spoilers so I won't talk about that.

Truthfully I think this MC is an impulsive muscle-head idiot. She's been granted this wonderful chance at a second life after dieing and she doesn't know how to treasure her own life. In a new unfamiliar body (different height, weight, muscle tone, etc.), new world with unfamiliar cultivation or knowledge of possible enemy powers, and brand new family too. Now a smart logical person would lay low, get familiar with the new body, new cultivation system and enemies and then take action. Instead this MC decides to start picking fights left, right and center. It's only thanks to her great luck, and MC Plot armor that she hasn't lost her second life while she's at her weakest. Therefore... impulsive muscle-head MC who charges forward without considering anything.

As for her new family.... they need new brains. Yea.. it's great she returned back, but with her 360 attitude change and new skills.. you'd think they'd figure out something's wrong.

Oh, and if you want to see pretty pictures, google ๅšฃๅผ ็‹‚ๅฆƒ. Don't know why they translated it to 'peerless concubine', it's actually 'Arrogant wild princess'. Now I'm fully aware that ๅฆƒ can also be translated into wife or concubine but it's all in the context, and I'm pretty sure that this arrogant woman won't accept being a concubine at all.

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This manhua looks typical for Chinese xuanhuan and reincarnates theme now at Ch.3.
Typical for many main heroines that they are trash but powerful people use their body to OP.
well, let s give this manhua the opportunity to show itself before rating it.
@Brightamethyst Probably should have been, but at least we can manually switch the reader to long strip mode when things get uploaded like this.
4th manhua with same plot style lol