Choppiri Toshiue Demo Kanojo ni Shite Kuremasu ka?
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  • Can you make him a little older?
  • She was a little older than he
  • The JK I liked was 27 years old
  • ちょっぴり年上でも彼女にしてくれますか?
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One day, the high school student, Kaoru Momota, saved the baby-face, big-boobed JK, Orihara Hime, who was being harassed on the train. It was love at first sight. However, this JK had a secret; she actually was a 27-year-old OL (Office Lady). A sweet age-gap romcom between a high schooler and office lady.

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Um dia, o estudante de ensino médio, Kaoru Momota, salvou a garota de seios grandes com cara de bebê, Ohinara Hime, que estava sendo assediada no trem. Foi amor à primeira vista. No entanto, ela tinha um segredo; na verdade, ela era uma OL (Office Lady) de 27 anos. Um doce romcom entre um estudante do ensino médio e uma secretária.
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This is so sweet ><
There are about 5 volumes released so far
Funny, he came to play Snes and will Smash.
I mean, i would have not minded going out with a hot 30 years old milf at 16
@firefox1234 as you know, when it's older male x underage girl, ppl generally can't self-insert so it's bad (though some still do actually self-insert there and defend those manga to their deaths) but when it's underage boy x older female, they can all self-insert so literally all these types of manga are 100% okay and not pedophilia and fcked up as the onee-san can "ara ara" for them -_-

@sodah yup
So this isbhow theyll lose their virginity huh? Through a misunderstanding...
We all know that if this was a young female older male we would all be up in arms 😆
So she's a pedo?, got it
Im curious how this story will go. Would of preferred it if he was 18 and she was 27 but meh. I've seen a lot worse.

I mean... I'm not disagreeing necessarily but there are lots of manga with older guys and younger girls. Even if we ignore the isekai genre, there's still ones like Magic Marriage or Taimashi to Akuma-chan.

On a different note... does this scanlation group need an editor? I hate feeling like I'm putting down someone else's work but there's quite a few lines that are... questionable. The first chapter especially was kind of tough.
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These are usually pretty damn lewd, yet in spite of how easy it would be to lewd them bewbs, it's pretty damn wholesome.
Japan why are you like this? I just finished a questionable VN, why this now?
“A sweet age-gap romcom between a high schooler and office lady.“

lul... ah the ol' "sweet" romance of a grown ass woman and a KID. You know, there's this word for adults who try and date kids, it involves being illegal and all~

suppose if this was a grown ass man trying to date a 15 year old girl, it would still be "sweet" right
Oasis Translations is translating the light novel!
Anyone notice how his Dad had MC-kun at the age of 20? Must've really loved his wife lmao
Fucking chad getting with the shorstack 27 year old qt. Updates are monthly?
This story remind of the story off he one dude who went back in time when he was in high school and there was a teacher he like so he ask her out and they started dating
I quite like it but well,.... he is 15 so it's a little bit disturbing lol
I swear to kakyoin
If this manga goes onto the same road as domestic kanojo. Im fucking done with "older woman" manga ever again.

Dont even think about it author.
Pls no partner swapping for dozen of times just like domestickanojo
Is this manga once a month.