As Long as You Like It
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  • Asal Kau Suka
  • Con tal de que te guste
  • Ddeusdaero Haseyo
  • Jue Shi Lianren
  • Mientras te guste
  • Oose no mama ni
  • Tant que vous m'aimerez
  • Tteusdaelo Haseyo
  • 仰せのままに
  • 爵世恋人
  • 뜻대로 하세요
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  • 8.73
  • 570
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  • 244,171
  • 13,758
  • 90
Dian is a maid working for the Marquis of Lowell. To help her lady escape from an unwanted marriage, Dian sends her out the country and assumes her identity, going to the castle of Margrave Evenhart in her stead. The Evenhart family, famous for guarding the North for generations, but never leaving their territory, is a subject of great mystery to the outside world. Will Dian’s identity be discovered? What romantic story will unfold in these days of cohabitation?
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I love this so good
Last edited 4 hrs ago by rikamika.
It hasn't been updated in two months :( Is it dropped??
Actually after rereading, in chptr 19 its already day 3, and arnd chpter 20+ its already 15 days. The dialog state there.. I dnt understand why most reader said its only 3 days/few days after 50 chpter? 😅 As frm wht i see the arts panel can makes reader confused fr the part days...
(altho 28-29 its said days 2,, yeah very confusing timeline idk its translation or the og manhwa itself)

Anyway rereading ths makes me vote this 7/10 i think.. The art n story r different thn most manhwa
Give it a try frst reader😉
Last edited 10 days ago by maknaemiaw97.
My goodness, it took me to read this longer in real life than 2 days in this story.
;v; I want more
Is this dropped... or?
Thanks for the chapters, I'm looking forward to more translations 😀
The plot is good and the characters are interesting. There's waaaaay too much internal monologuing, like it takes from 3 to 6 panels at a time for a character to just think stuff before they answer another character. Ton of dialogue that doesn't really go anywhere, which is good at times but it happens too often for my liking. The art style is nice but needs way more refining.

I'm going to continue reading because the main story and the FL are good and I want to know more, but at this point I'm not sure if I recommend it. Maybe until more chapters are out then It might be worth picking up.
Pacing do be slow, i am in love with this manga and the story. I tend to skip the parts with dorothy, not a fan of them as a character but I understand why theyre there
We're now at Day 3 after 50+ chapters. So should I expect 200+ more chapters for the 15 days to end? I love Evenhart but the text/thought bubbles are overwhelming and the phasing is so sooooo slow.
Those internal monologues really slows the pacing. I usually skip them
Kek, can ask me in dm for spoilah 😋
I dont mind spoilers
Im on the verge of dropping this so if the spoiler can renew my interest then lay it on me lmao
the new cover is so pretty. the pacing is kinda rlly slow tho :/
Ok im obsessed!! I need more !!!
Thank you for the translation!!!!!!💞💞💞💞💞

I hope I'll be able to read this webtoon until the moment it is in raws.
It may not be interesting now, but I can judge from the raws that it gets much spicier and sweeter :)

I hope to see new translations and ready to wait for them forever!🐕
There is a reason why the pacing slow. Can't tell. Cuz big spoiler 😆 @Raydnt
To be frank, its really not that interesting.
Barely anything happens and the pacing feels so slow
Rating is way too high
Thank you so much for the update 😍😍
Ughh another Man comes in. Plz update soon T_T