Strongest Abandoned Son
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When Ye Mo suddenly woke up, he realized that everything around him seemed to have changed: He has been transmigrated into the modern Earth where spiritual energy is scarce. His pretty master from his former world was nowhere to be seen. Most importantly, he found himself in the body of a young man who has been abandoned by his clan for an embarrassing reason…

Brazilian Portuguese
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also this series sucks, or who ever uploads idk, translation is garbage, multiple chapters have panels out of order further in, chapters themselves are out of order a few times, and text bubbles have double translations in them, and theres also bubbles with nothing translated in them at all and left completely blank, the most annoying thing is at ch 87-88. 3 chapters duplicate and the real story that happens in those 3 chapters ive no clue, because someone fucked up the upload and theres no way to report the chapters or get in touch anywhere on that site. and then after that the chapter that does work, is in and at a place that has nothing to do with or explains what happened in the 3 duplicated chapters. after that honestly im just done, all the issues before were annoying but still tolerable even the out of order chapters, and its not just a chapter that should have been before that came next, but chapters that should have come next didnt appear til after you read thru 3-4 pages then the missing one would show up, that was annoying but tolerable but when 3-4 whole chapters duplicate and then continues on the 4-5 but has a huge gap becuz of it and you dont know what happened thats not okay, idek if that chapter is the right one because idk what was supposed to happen for him to get where he is now.
at the start, i was thinking wow something pretty original, but then he appeared in modern day earth, and then it was like oh another garbage piece of shit that is almost a carbon copy of literally any other type of urban immortal cultivator, and the like. anything to do with "modern earth" is gonna be trash. and suprisingly this one didnt have the annoying amount of, offend one guy and then the brother sister dad granddad company then some background backing coming after him in order of weakest to strongest, thats always stupid and annoying to see and unrealistic as shit. gladly didnt see that in here, but its still annoying that the author contradicts himself, it was said the song family wouldnt dare to anything to the Ye family, yet it took no time at all for them to do just that, sure he may be kicked out or something but the writer makes it a point to say that they wouldnt make a move becuz of his family name??? but then if theyre gonna make a move why make such a big point of it if youre just gonna immidiately throw that out the window???
If hes the strongest abandoned son does that mean there are other abandoned sons that are weaker than him ??
I second @Shieldhero22.

There is now another set of skipped chapters so 3 times now?
Is he stronger than sons that weren't abandoned?
Where can I read the missing chapters? I want to keep reading but nothing has it right. It's either missing the chapters or it is the same as the previous ones
It started off interesting and then fell into the "lets introduce random new characters and conflict every chapter".
It has an interesting enough premise and setup. Too bad the characters are beyond shallow, the infodump is horrendous and there is almost no tension.
Hey everyone, click the report button then tell them:"Missing alot of chappters."
found all the chapter here.
Has anyone figured out where to find the missing chapters!
Mmmhh...I forgot when MC fought against that girl and destroyed her arms, and with the missing chapters is even harder to find, I should go around on other sites that have them to get a answer.
Why is everyone skipping chapter 100-118?
I have to avoid Xianxias... Especially ones like this. It is just so poorly written. There is zero depth. Entire story is a repeat of one dimensional evil dudes trying to do shit to one dimensional hot girl to give the cardboard cut out psychopathic MC a reason to kill them in cold blood. Hot girl then falls for MC and is cast aside soon after to make room for the next shallow character. Characters just stumble upon each other in coincidence after coincidence. MC never earns his strength, its all through magical portions/herbs/pills that he just stumbled upon. I can understand the power fantasy thing and they can be enjoyable when done right, but so many are just garbage. This is one of those.
I really should just give up on manhuas. They're so /sweaty/, always with the same basic premise anyway, this one just mixed in some isekai shit in it.
Cool, keep us updated on what else you are or aren't reading
@111qaz So you're asking for a slice-of-life cultivation novel?

...I didn't know I wanted this before I heard it.
I'm binge reading this manhua and at this point I don't think the phrase "abandoned son" is relevant anymore..
I mean he (or the story) practically doesn't talk about the Ye Family anymore and the family doesn't care about him either so the title is pretty much irrelevant to the story.

I don't read the LN so I don't know what gonna happen next but I don't think the Ye family ever help him since the day they disowned him. So yeah, author should have pick a better name/title for his manhua.
Damn, this is so bad.